Work Ongoing to Fully Restore ACLEDA Mobile App

ACLEDA Bank’s mobile app has been restored for some users after it went offline for more than one day for maintenance, while others claim it is still not working, severely hampering business and daily life
ACLEDA Bank Plc Headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kiripost via ACLEDA Bank
ACLEDA Bank Plc Headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kiripost via ACLEDA Bank

Use of the ACLEDA mobile app has been restored for some users after being offline for more than a day to carry out an upgrade of the core banking system, as work continues for it to become fully-operational.

On Monday, In Channy, ACLEDA Bank’s president and group managing director, told Kiripost that the essential upgrade is carried out every year. He added that other services were operating as normal, with the exception of the mobile app, which is still in the process of updating.

The outage of the mobile app caused disruption to users, with it now being fully-operational for some. Others remain unable to access the app or use certain features as the update completes.

“We have given information about that, we need more than one day to upgrade. We need to double-check the mobile app, [but] we will be allowed to access it as normal soon,” Channy said.

“We can use it today, we are fixed now. When we update and we want to transfer it from one version to another version, we need time to fix,” he added.

Online seller, Hin Pheary, 28, said she has been unable to use the mobile app since Saturday evening, which makes it hard to carry out business transactions. She added that her app started to work around 12am today, but still has issues.

“It has been nearly two days [of income] I have lost now because my app has a lot of money, but I cannot transfer it to any account or get information, and there is no notification when we transfer money. It is so hard that it does not work well yet,” Pheary said.

Mon Rina, 23, a student at Western University, told Kiripost on Monday that her app stopped working on Saturday. She was able to regain access last night.

“Yesterday for the whole day, my app was offline. I couldn't do anything. It was announced from Saturday to Sunday at 12pm. It is online now but I cannot transfer, I hope it will work today. I need to use it,” Rina siad.

Engineer Phan Kosal, 25, said he was unable to access his app cannot from Saturday to Monday, which caused him concern and he had to wait to receive information from the company.

“It was offline for a full day, I couldn’t see data. Now, I see it online but cannot operate it. It makes me stressed, I don't know what to do, just wait,” Kosal said.

He believes the system will return to normal soon due to it being a necessity for people to carry out their daily lives. He added he hopes the bank will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

“Today, we depend on mobile apps, everything is accessible on phones, so I hope that they understand this and resolve it for us as soon as they can.”

On November 18, ACLEDA bank plc announced that because of an upgrade to the core banking system to “enhance our online services”, from 10pm on November 18 to 12pm on 20 November, all banking services, except credit card and wallet account operations, in the ACLEDA mobile app will not be accessible.