VannDa’s Tokyo Debut Excites Cambodian Fans in Japan

Cambodian VannDa fans living in Japan are celebrating after the hip hop superstar revealed he will make his debut in the country with a performance in Tokyo in July
Hip hop superstar, VannDa. Kiripost via his Facebook page
Hip hop superstar, VannDa. Kiripost via his Facebook page

Hip hop superstar, VannDa, has announced he will make his debut performance in Japan in July, creating excitement among his Cambodian fans living there.

It also provides the perfect opportunity for VannDa to tap into a new fanbase and showcase Cambodian music to the Japanese.

According to a post on VannDa’s official Facebook page on Monday, he will perform at RAISE Club in Tokyo on July 16. Top female Japanese rapper, Awich, is also on the bill.

“I’m going to see you guys in Japan!,” he said, captioning the poster with a picture of himself and Awich. “This will be the first time ever I get to perform in Japan and see my fans, also my fellow Cambodians who have always wanted to see my shows overseas,” he said, adding a heart emoji.

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Awich, whose real name is Akiko Urasaki, is an Okinawan hip hop artist. She made her major label debut with Universal Music Japan in 2020. Her stage name is short for "Asian wish child", which is the literal meaning of the Japanese characters in her given name.​

“Japanese hip hop sensation Awich and Cambodia superstar VannDa are scheduled to give us an incredible show on July 16, clarified it is Sunday before holiday,” according to a Facebook post from RAISE night club and dance in Tokyo, Japan.

It added, "Fans of Asian Hip Hop and urban culture, don't miss this one-of-a-kind night!”

It is the first time that both Japanese and Cambodian rappers, Awich and VannDa, to be at RAISE club.

The post continued, “And ‘Time To Rise’ crossed 1x plays Cambodia's genius worldwide attention, "VannDa" is set to visit Japan. Japan's pride in the world with "Awich" and "VannDa" changed the history of Cambodian music. Catch these two representing Asia together.”

Mann VannDa is a Cambodian hip hop producer, songwriter and rapper, with four million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, វណ្ណដា-VannDa Official.

The rapping sensation smashed a new record to become the first Cambodian artist to hit 100 million YouTube views with his viral video ‘Time to Rise’ in October 2022.

His talent in the music industry is spreading to bordering countries. He already has three song collaborations with Thai Rappers under his belt.

Laura Mam, CEO of Baramey Production and a Cambodian-American artist and songwriter, told Kiripost on Tuesday that VannDa, a member of Baramey Production, has been invited to perform in Japan, which is testament to the team’s achievement.

“This is definitely a very exciting time for us to witness our team's hard work being recognized worldwide,” she said.

She added that along with VannDa's trip to Japan, Cambodia's music industry is taking more steps into international territories, and there are many more exciting milestones ahead this year.

Mam, an artist, songwriter, music producer, businesswoman, aims to inspire other Cambodian independent artists to make original music the standard. She is Cambodia's first independent popstar to gain nationwide recognition for original music and wins major brand ambassadorships.

Earlier this year, she was named the Goodwill Ambassador of Cambodia to Japan in the 70th Anniversary of Friendship between Cambodia and Japan.

Horn Mao, a Cambodian VannDa fan living in Japan, said he is excited to hear that his idol will perform there for the first time.

“I used to see him perform in domestic and neighboring countries, but this is the first time that he will come to Japan. Moreover, I’m proud that we have a top rapper in Cambodia performing abroad,” he said.

He believes that this performance between a Cambodian superstar and Japanese rapper in Japan is an opportunity for Japanese people to get to know Cambodia more.

“As a Cambodian who came to work in Japan, I am very delighted for this opportunity. I will not miss this and I will go to participate in this show because it is not easy to get another opportunity and allow Japanese people to know Cambodia even better,” he added.

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Pich Chanthy, another VannDa fan who is working in Japan, said she is also excited after hearing that VannDa will perform in Japan. She added that she wants to see him perform on stage.