TV Drama ‘Sok San Family’ Returns for Second Season

BBC Media Action is bringing back its TV comedy drama ‘Sok San Family’ by popular demand, with the second season debuting on CBS from August 25
Popular TV comedy drama, ‘Sok San Family’
Popular TV comedy drama, ‘Sok San Family’

Popular TV comedy drama, ‘Sok San Family’ is making a return to the small screen in the form of a second season, with BBC Media Action (BBCMA) hosting a special launch event of the show ahead of its CBS debut.

On August 24, BBCMA will host the launch event at Major Cineplex, Aeon Sensok. It will include the premiere of two episodes of ‘Sok San Family’ in a bid to build excitement ahead of the broadcast of the first episode on CBS the next day at 7pm.

According to a BBCMA Briefing Note, about 400 participants from different sectors are expected to attend the event. These include representatives from government agencies, donors, embassies, UN agencies, partners, youths, the media, and social media influencers.

About the TV Show

The first season of ‘Sok San Family’ aired in 2022. It follows the lives of Pu Sok, Ming San, and their children as they navigate family tensions, social pressures, and the challenges of modern life.

In the first season, feisty Kdeb Ampil and her father did not see eye-to-eye on her ambitions to get involved in community work. However, she eventually won him around with her skills, perseverance, and determination.

But the peace is not set to last long, as viewers will soon discover. Season two opens as Kdeb Ampil is about to turn 18 - and there is a new and uninvited visitor to the Sok San family house, Granny. Her presence causes tension and exposes generational differences just as the kids are trying to find their way in the world.

‘Sok San Family’ has been developed as part of the Klahan9 SPACE project and targets young people and parents. Informed by in-depth audience research and pre-testing, the program uses a narrative approach to tackle issues with humor and in an engaging way.

The tone, choice of format, characterization, and storylines have all been designed to resonate with audiences and tackle drivers of change to increased youth civic engagement as identified in BBCMA’s extensive research through specific communication objectives.

The program provides information and simulates discussion on ways in which young people can take action to make a positive contribution to community development and acts as positive role models.

Meet the Sok San Family

Chan is the eldest daughter in the family. Her character has developed from one episode to another to reflect how she moves away from her fears and forward on her career journey. The character grows with emotional triggers to attract the audience.

Kdeb Ampil and laid-back Tith could not be less alike. Kdeb Ampil has passion and energy to burn and desperately wants to contribute to her community in a positive way, but faces challenges to get there. In contrast, Tith breezes through life doing the least amount possible, except when it comes to developing his social media presence, which doesn’t always end well. Now that they turn 18, they will come across new challenges.

Granny’s presence causes tension and exposes generational differences. She doesn’t want her son, Pou Sok, to join community work as the job does not make him rich. She adds a taste to the Sok San family that reflects the reality of many Cambodian families.

Pou Sok, the father, is balancing community development, caring for his children, and earning an income for the family. Earning money is important, but how he trades this off with community development will be reflected in the show.

Ming San, the mother, plays an important role in navigating community participation in the face of family, societal, and gender norms. The character is built to serve as a role model woman in terms of balancing family work and life, career development, and civic participation.

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