Three Cambodian Films to be Screened at International Film Festivals

Cambodia’s filmmakers are gearing up to show their work on the international stage after three films were selected to be screened at film festivals in Singapore and Hong Kong
‘Timeless Love’
‘Timeless Love’

Three Cambodian films have been selected to represent the nation at major international film festivals in September and October.

According to Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (CSFF), three films have been chosen by the Asia-Pacific Youth Micro Movie Festival and Cartoons Underground Festival to represent Cambodia. These events will take place in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The finalists are ‘Timeless Love’, ‘Ms. Client’, and ‘Today for Tomorrow’. ‘Timeless Love’ and ‘Ms. Client’ were selected by Asia-Pacific Youth Micro Movie Festival and will be held in Hong Kong from September 22 to 24.

‘Today for Tomorrow’ was selected by the Cartoons Underground Festival, which takes place in Singapore on October 21 and 22.

Sum Sithen, director of CSFF, told Kiripost that he is proud as the films represent the fruits of his 12-year effort to advance the film industry. In addition, it is evidence that CSFF is able to collaborate with regional and international partners, despite operating independently.

“I'm delighted for the filmmakers who succeeded because it proves they have a great film. That’s why they could pass,” he said. “If our short films become better, our film industry will also be better. Also, it will be a pride for the nation as it represents Cambodia.”

‘Ms. Client’
‘Ms. Client’

Phet Cha, a filmmaker of ‘Today for Tomorrow’, said that the selection is incredible as it allows him to find room to improve his animation. He added that his film has been selected graciously with CSFF’s support.

“Actually, I’d already be happy if the audience enjoys watching my work and learns something from it,” he said.

Aka David Tito, one of the filmmakers of ‘Ms. Client, ’said that CSFF is a true platform for his team to express their vision and establish themselves as filmmakers, inspiring them to compete on the local and regional stage, and pursue their dreams.

“Now that my second short film, which won the Audience Award last year, has been accepted by the Hong Kong-based film festival, I feel excited and thankful for CSFF for continuously endeavoring to pave the way for local filmmakers like us to earn international fame,” he said.

‘Today for Tomorrow’
‘Today for Tomorrow’

In previous years, CSFF has paved the way for other finalists to show their work on the international stage. ‘Before the Rain'’ was selected in 2019, by Busan Arthouse Film Festival (Korea) and Asia for Peace Film Festival (Pakistan); ‘Because I Love You More’ screened in 2020 at Bangkok Screening Room (Thailand); and 10 finalists from 2021 and 2022 were selected early this year by Makiz’Art collective (France).

In addition, ‘Lili Flower’ directed by the CSFF 2018 champion, was screened in late 2019 at the China New Media and Short Film Festival.

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