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Telcotech Signs Deal with Kampus to Expand Data Center Footprint

Cambodia’s digital economy is set to grow after Telcotech signed a contract to further expand its data center footprint throughout the nation
Telcotech Signs Deal with Kampus to Expand Data Center Footprint. Photo supplied.
Telcotech Signs Deal with Kampus to Expand Data Center Footprint. Photo supplied.

Telcotech has signed a contract with Kampus to expand its data center footprint, as one of the critical pillars to support Cambodia’s digital economy.

Aligned with the Royal Group of Companies to fast track the Kingdom’s economic recovery post-pandemic, it is instrumental to have advanced digital infrastructure to showcase Cambodia has the right ICT infrastructure in place to cater to rapid domestic growth while also attracting foreign players.

Telcotech was founded in 2007 by the Royal Group of Companies and is the first and only Khmer company who fully own Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) submarine cable, and also a consortium member of the Asian American Gateway (AAG), that carries all Cambodian internet traffic in and out, around the world.

The company added that data growth for Cambodia has been phenomenal with the adoption of cloud services.

Telcotech’s vision is to build high-class and advanced standards of digital infrastructure that sits at a par with advanced neighboring countries and aligns with ASEAN’s digital master plan 2025, as a leading digital community and economic bloc, powered by secure and transformative digital services, technologies and ecosystem.

A group photo at the signing ceremony between Telcotech and Kampus. Photo supplied.
A group photo at the signing ceremony between Telcotech and Kampus. Photo supplied.

Yuni Lee Heathcote, representing Telcotech, and Simon Griffiths, owner of Kampus, participated in the contract signing ceremony on January 12 at the Kampus’ headquarters, a significant milestone witnessed by Hun Many and Neak Oknha Kith Meng.

“It is important for Telcotech to continuously push boundaries, both for our customers, partners and the industry as whole. So it’s imminent for us to adopt the best practice, get the best people and work with the best partners. It’s no longer a wish list, Telcotech is making it a reality and delivers. I am truly excited with this curation with Kampus, to see the synergies becoming alive,” said Heathcote.

Kampus is a center that focuses on a new style of working in Cambodia based around collaboration, community, capacity building, learning and development. The Kampus concept aims to provide workspace while enhancing workforce capacities, skills and self-assurance. Another significant achievement for the center is the agreement to give space for Telcotech to increase its data storage.

Griffiths also highlighted the importance of the signing. He said, "The value of this signing between Telcotech and Kampus for the digitalization journey of Cambodia cannot be understated. Efficient and secured data management is foundational in all digital systems, and I very much look forward to fruitful results from the initiative today."

Telcotech's data center footprint has multiple sites spanning a couple provinces. It will continue to explore other provinces and sites as business needs grow, to meet its customers’ business requirements.

Telcotech has the most robust underground domestic fiber network throughout Cambodia, with full redundancy and service availability at 99.99 percent. It boasts more than 11,000km fiber optic network nationwide and international network Telcotech connects with Tier 1 to its POPs Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Telcotech is the consortium member of the AAG & MCT Submarine cable.

Telcotech Ltd launched in 2007 as a wholly-owned Cambodian company and has developed rapidly to accommodate international partnership commitments. It is the first ISP to bring international standard service, such as MPLS, to Cambodia. Its key stakeholders have unrivaled knowledge and experience of business in Cambodia, both inside and outside of the telecommunications industry as well as at an international level.

Licensed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to develop and operate submarine fiber optic cabling and associated network infrastructure, Telcotech’s primary objective is to help further Cambodia’s economic and social development by providing superior technology solutions to support telecommunications carriers and major enterprises in providing better services to their customers.

Telcotech established and introduced its own quality-management system after an independent audit and was awarded an International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 9001:2015 certification. It is the first and only ISP in Cambodia to have gained this international recognition. [Partnered Content]