Soltilo Angkor FC Dissolved After Six Years of Football

Siem Reap’s Soltilo Angkor FC has announced the football club will dissolve after six years due to financial issues
Soltilo Angkor FC players in Siem Reap. Kiripost via Soltilo Angkor FC
Soltilo Angkor FC players in Siem Reap. Kiripost via Soltilo Angkor FC

Soltilo Angkor FC, a football club in Siem Reap that played in the second division of Cambodian football, has announced that the club is dissolved due to financial problems.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Keisuke Honda, chairman of Soltilo Angkor FC, said that the club has been dissolved after six years of operations in Siem Reap with the aim to develop the sport into rural areas.

Honda, who also recently retired from the Cambodian football team after an earlier exit from the SEA Games, said that the decision to end the club came after being unable to find sponsors.

“We have been running this club for six years with the idea of ​​making football not only in Phnom Penh but also in rural areas.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to find sponsors at this time, and we have no choice but to make the decision to discontinue the operation,” Honda said in the Facebook post in Khmer.

Honda continued to thank all fans and Por Vanith, Siem Reap’s Military Police Commander, for his support and partnership. He added that he believes that one day Cambodia will make it to the World Cup.

In a separate statement, Soltilo Angkor FC said that the decision to dissolve the club was tough and it was carefully considered.

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a difficult financial situation, which has led us to make the tough decision to withdraw from the business. We have carefully considered our options until the end, but the financial challenges have proven insurmountable, leaving us no choice but to take this course of action,” Soltilo Angkor FC said in the statement.

“Although our club will cease its operations and not embark on a new journey, our memories will endure forever. We hope that the players will continue to shine in their new teams, and the supporters will channel their passionate energy into another club,” it added.