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Sihanoukville Official Urges Solution to Incomplete Construction

Preah Sihanouk province deputy governor has issued a warning that an urgent solution is sought over Sihanoukville’s swathe of abandoned buildings amid fears over safety and economic impact.
A man walks past an abandoned half-built building in Preah Sihanouk province. Kiripost/Penh Chamroeun
A man walks past an abandoned half-built building in Preah Sihanouk province. Kiripost/Penh Chamroeun

A Preah Sihanouk province deputy governor warned on Wednesday a solution needs to be found to the thousands of incomplete constructions, saying they affect economic development and infrastructure.

In an interview with Kiripost, Long Dimanche said there are about 1,150 incomplete buildings in Sihanoukville after the ban on online gambling and Covid 19. He added authorities consider the issue a priority to address due to the detrimental impacts on economic and social development, particularly the safety of construction.

“In fact, related to the more than one thousand high buildings that are stuck, we consider it a priority that we need to pay attention to because it affects economic and social issues a lot, especially construction safety,” Dimanche said.

He added as these buildings are incomplete, drainage systems cannot be reached and left unchecked, water can flow into building foundations. This can damage the foundations, potentially causing the building to collapse.

“In the case of impact from rain on construction, we consider it a problem that must be solved, and we consider the contribution of the private sector is more crucial, it is a commitment required,” he said.

Dimonche believes the establishment of a mechanism in which all parties are involved in dialogue and mutual concessions is a win-win solution.

Real estate developer and economist, Ngeth Chou, has said solving unfinished constructions in Preah Sihanouk requires funds that mostly flow from China. However, the Chinese government is currently restricting fund outflow.

In China, Beijing plans to set up a $44.4 billion real estate fund to bankroll the purchase of unfinished housing projects and complete their construction. They will then rent them to individuals as part of the government's drive to boost rented housing.