Sala and PSE Partner to Deliver Improved Education in Cambodia

Educational tech company Sala has partnered with PSE to enhance students’ education experience and improve the country’s school system.
Sala and PSE partnership
Sala and PSE partnership

Leading educational tech company Sala has teamed up with NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) to offer cloud-based solutions that create a better education ecosystem as more children return to school after pandemic-forced closures.

Sala, which develops technology solutions to improve learning and teaching, has ploughed efforts into helping schools manage data more effectively as a rising number of Cambodian kids return to school following the impact of Covid-19.

The company is now celebrating after being selected as PSE's partner in enabling technology in education as part of its ‘Better Data, Better Decision’ initiative. PSE has been delivering educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Cambodia for more than two decades.

“As Sala launches a new project with PSE, they help us realize our passion for education is stronger than ever as we learn more about their contribution to the education community,” a statement from Sala said.

“We consider this as another accomplishment this year in the improvement of our ever-expanding educational system, for the benefit of the neighborhood and our youngest members who are first in line.”

Sala has been working this year on developing an innovative software solution with a team of Cambodians who are dedicated to enhancing students' educational experiences and improving the country's educational system.

Sala and PSE teams (Photo: Supplied)
Sala and PSE teams (Photo: Supplied)

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The hassle of managing students' data and the traditional way of organizing data on excel files is arduous and time consuming for school administration and teachers. After Sala’s team of experts met with the PSE team, they were able to understand the issues each department of PCE face and how to implement Sala’s software to help.

“Sala is eager to work with PSE's 20-plus years of industry expertise to enhance Cambodia's educational system. Our vision is to enrich students’ journey and with this project, Sala is moving closer to achieving that goal while also positively impacting the lives of PSE and its students around the country,” the statement continued.

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