PSE to Host Fundraising Birthday Bash for its Founder

NGO PSE is hosting a party to mark its founders 81st birthday while raising funds and awareness of the organization’s work
PSE to hold charity birthday party for Founder. Kiripost/Mon Sokeo
PSE to hold charity birthday party for Founder. Kiripost/Mon Sokeo

Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE) will host a charity birthday party for its founder to promote the NGO’s mission and give students the chance to meet Marie-France des Pallières (Mamie).

PSE (For A Child’s Smile) General Director, Leakhena des Pallières, said that the Mamie Birthday Charity Party will be celebrated on September 16 for the founder’s 81st birthday.

Leakhena said, “The purpose of this charity birthday event is to promote the organization's mission For A Child’s Smile to the general public and aim to help children get out of misery and move on to a career.”

Leakhena stated, “Transparency is very important and transparency is also a core value of PSE, so the budget for the entire organization's expenditures and operations is documented, which the general public can access on the official website through this link"

She added that the management team will welcome members of the public from 8am to 3pm on September 16.

Leakhena stated, “For A Child’s Smile (PSE) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1996 to help children, youth and poor families in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap, with a focus on providing food, treatment, protection and shelter. Moreover, general education, vocational training, family support and facilitation to find a suitable job for them.”

She added that today, the organization provides vocational education and training, as well as food for 6,500 poor students in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap. In addition, thousands of students have graduated and secured jobs since it was founded.

In response to the needs of the NGO and its students, in March, PSE launched two fundraising campaigns to provide food supplies and study materials.

The General Director stated, “I would like to inform everyone that every day, the organization provides more than 7,000 dishes to poor children who study and stay at the organization. We provide breakfast, lunch and [food] in the evening.”

She added that a plate of food costs 2,000 riels, which people can donate either in the form of food or money for a week, month, or year. They can also donate a package of 50 dishes, 200 plates, 300 plates or more.

For the campaign to source study materials, people can donate items such as bags, school uniforms, pens, and books. Alternatively, they can sponsor a package for students for $23 (92,000 riel), which provides students with study materials for one year, the General Director said at a press conference.

She added that through the two campaigns, the organization has already received support. “We are very proud and grateful to all the benefactors who have participated in the past and we believe that the culture of sharing and helping each other is the spirit of our Cambodian people. That is why a press conference was organized today to disseminate more widely to Cambodians of all walks of life to know and understand our needs.”

Leakhena added that funds raised during the charity birthday party will support the two campaigns and enable the organization to initiate more events for outreach and fundraising.

This Charity Birthday Party is supported by partners, including Hanuman Beverage, Eau Kulen Pure Water, Westline Education Group, Lihuling Singing, Talias, Forte Hotel Insurance, Sofitel Phnom Penh and Hospital of Cambodia.

Neou Sok Heang, Representative of Eau Kulen Water, said, “Many companies have a commitment to giving back to society and engaging in activities that benefit the communities in which they operate. Sponsoring a charity like PSE demonstrates a company's commitment to social responsibility and can enhance its reputation as a socially-conscious organization.”

She added that by sponsoring a charity that aligns with the company's target audience or customer base can provide opportunities for increased visibility and exposure. For example, if a business operates in the education or child-related industries, sponsoring PSE could help it reach potential customers who share an interest in supporting underprivileged children.

Sok Heang emphasized, “The main reason that Eau Kulen became a sponsor of the Mamie Birthday Charity Party is because we want to see children's smiles and love and sharing in our society. We don’t want to see their tears and violence. Moreover, we trust in PSE play a significant role to promote social sustainability and provide skills for Cambodian children.”

Prak Mony Sopheap, Representative of Hanuman Beverage, said that sponsoring the charity party allows Hanuman to reach a specific target audience. Since PSE focuses on providing education and support to underprivileged children, the event is likely to draw individuals who are passionate about supporting such causes. This aligns with Hanuman's corporate values and may provide an opportunity to connect with potential customers who share a similar interest in philanthropy and social responsibility.

Mony Sopheap said, “Charities can contribute to poverty reduction in collaboration with governments. Government entities and charities often work together to address poverty through a coordinated approach.”

She emphasized, “This sponsorship and collaboration allows for the efficient and effective delivery of services, such as healthcare, education, and social assistance to individuals and communities living in poverty.”

Marie-France des Pallières, founder of PSE, said sponsorship can bring a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Knowing that the support directly contributes to the well-being of underprivileged children and success of PSE's mission can be “incredibly rewarding”. It provides a tangible way for individuals to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

She stated, “Helping may bring feelings of joy and happiness knowing that their contribution is bringing joy to others. The atmosphere of the charity party, filled with laughter, smiles, and a sense of celebration, can evoke a genuine sense of happiness. Sponsors may take pride in creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for the attendees and witnessing the positive impact generated by their support.”

Leakhena added, “On behalf of the management team of the Organization for Child’s Smile, the organizing committee for the birthday party, the charity and team, which are goodwill ambassadors of the fundraising campaign, the 6,500 children would like to thank all major partners and donors who have supported our mission to help poor children in Cambodia.”

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