PM Orders Cards be Issued to Relocated Families from Angkor

Prime Minister Hun Sen has requested that underprivileged families and pregnant women who voluntarily relocated from Angkor be issued with cards to subsidize living
Prime Minister Hun Sen visits relocating villagers in Siem Reap province, September 13, 2022. Kiripost via SPM Page
Prime Minister Hun Sen visits relocating villagers in Siem Reap province, September 13, 2022. Kiripost via SPM Page

Prime Minister ​Hun Sen has called on the Minister of Social Affairs to issue cards for poor and pregnant women who agreed to voluntarily move from the Angkor area to Run Ta Ek Natural Village.

The Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Social Affairs to arrange for cards to be issued to those who meet the criteria. At a meeting in Siem Reap province with residents who volunteered to move, he added that nearly 2,000 families will adopt the same policy.

“In case they have finished the lucky draw, we will give them, but now to listen I order for officials to come to work immediately, especially in the provinces, there are social affairs departments here to do this work,” he said.

He added that from October, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will have to increase the budget to include 2,000 more families. He added this may increase to about 6,000 families.

“We have supported almost 70,000 families, why are we afraid to add 6,000 families.”

He added that as a policy, prepared land is distributed to people who agree to move out when the family is separated. This card is valid for 10 years.

“I guarantee a policy of 10 years that these people will get. It eases the burden on the people who leave there,” he said.

​Hun Sen​​ also told lawmaker Sieng Nam to prepare an additional 500 hectares of land for the people whose families will relocate.

“Seang Nam, the remaining land, you should hand over. The land must be properly signed for distribution to the people, we must be prepared because it is a requirement for those who have separated from their families to relocate,” Hun Sen said.

Licadho human rights activist Am Sam Ath said relocation is a major source of livelihood for people who have lost their jobs, schools and children. He added that new housing infrastructure and occupations are imperative for people who are already poor, widows, and women who are pregnant, so the government must pay attention to their needs.

“I support them to get a poor card because after relocating in Run Ta Ek village, they face a very poor standard of living at this stage. But the issuance of this poor card should be done in a transparent and fair manner. The government should consider the people who already live there and live in poverty,” Sam Ath said.

As of September 2, there were 1117 families who won lucky draws. From August 18 to September 10, the survey of land plots and information on land holders of 114 target villages in 17 communes, seven communes, one city and four districts was completed, totalling 10,945 hectares, according to the Facebook page of the Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.