New Fishways Provide Lifeline to Aqua Life in Pursat

Two new fishways have been constructed in Pursat province to improve the ecosystem and help fish and other aquatic animals connect with upstream habitats
Fish passage in Pursat province. Kiripost via USAID
Fish passage in Pursat province. Kiripost via USAID

Two new fishways will help fish and other aquatic organisms in Cambodia travel upstream and bypass irrigation structures, increasing the amount of fish available to local communities in Pursat Province.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded fishways finished construction on August 24. USAID said they will also connect fish with critical upstream habitats vital to their life cycle.

These fishways also demonstrate that small-scale fish passes are a feasible and relatively inexpensive solution to the problem of declining fish stocks.

“Locally-caught fish serve as a key source of food for many Cambodians,” said Rebecca Black, USAID/Cambodia Acting Mission Director.

“By protecting fish populations and their habitats, we hope these fishways will also contribute to improved health for the communities that depend on them,” she added.

The fishways are part of a five-year initiative. Monitoring of other fishaways demonstrated that more than one million fish representing more than 100 species use the fishways to access over 2,000 kilometers of previously unreachable habitat.