Must-have apps for everyday life in Cambodia

Essential apps that most of us use frequently.
Acleda's KHQR code technology
Acleda's KHQR code technology

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There are some essential apps that most of us use frequently. In fact, it’s hard to imagine not having them installed on our phones. From paying utility bills to ordering food, we now seem to use our phones more for these tasks than to make a phone call.

As the proverb says, “necessity is the mother of invention,” these apps are just for that.

What are the must-have apps for users living in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh?

Pay for it with a few swipes: KHQR

As a long-term Phnom Penh resident, every day life has become more convenient, thanks to the rapid digital advancement. Traditionally, it was cumbersome. For example, when I need to pay my utility bills, or transfer money between bank accounts. Today, there are apps just for that.

Despite these apps and mobile tools making life easier, there remains one main barrier when it comes to QR code payments – different banks have their own unique QR code. Sometimes, I find this incompatible with my Acleda Mobile to scan and pay. However, the recent release of KHQR Code makes it even more seamless to pay when I’m shopping or dining.

Acleda Mobile, Bakong (by the National Bank of Cambodia), and many other banks are now using KHQR Code, a unified way for mobile payment.

When checking out at Aeon Mall or 7Eleven, I can quickly scan the KHQR code using my smartphone to pay for my purchase.

KHQR by Acleda
KHQR by Acleda

What I like about having an Acleda Mobile is I can:

- Pay my monthly electricity, water and solid waste bills through ACLEDA mobile

- Pay my home Internet & TV bills

- Shop on ACLEDA E-Shop

- Scan QR codes for payment when in Bangkok, Thailand

Grocery shopping & Food delivery apps

How about simplifying your trip to the grocery store with these apps? In Phnom Penh, check out the Karot app to shop for fresh produce and great groceries.

Delishop is Phnom Penh’s first online supermarket. There is no mobile app, but you can shop for your favorite goods on its website.

There are no ultra-fast deliveries in Cambodia. Yet, Nham24, Foodpanda, and Bloc are some of the most reliable, and fast enough to get your ordered food to your doorstep.


Getting around the bustling city is more convenient than before. PassApp and Grab are all you need to get from one place to another with ease. Most of these drivers accept mobile payment too, and some banks allow you to link to your Grab account to pay automatically.