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MOU Signing Between UYFC and EZECOM on "Digital Collaboration"

The Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia (UYFC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ezecom on January 14, 2023, to seal a joint collaborative effort in digital capacity building for the youths, in capitalizing the Kingdom’s digital economy in a sustainable manner. Presiding over the MOU signing ceremony are His Excellency HUN Many, President of the UYFC and Neak Oknha KITH Meng, Chairman of the Royal Group of Companies (RGC).
MOU Signing Between UYFC and EZECOM on "Digital Collaboration." Kiripost via Ezecom
MOU Signing Between UYFC and EZECOM on "Digital Collaboration." Kiripost via Ezecom

The RGC is being recognized as the country’s pioneer Khmer conglomerate that started business investments operations even during pre-peace era and has operate for 27 years. Investment opportunities were extremely scarce, but RGC has steadfast in charting its course in re-building the Kingdom’s economic developments. And today, RGC is the most dynamic and diversified Khmer owned conglomerate in a wide range of industries including telecommunication, banking & financing, insurance, energy, media & entertainment, transport, hotels & resorts, education, property development, trading and agriculture.

Being sustainable in digital capacity building, Ezecom to contribute digital literacy program of works through UYFC Cambodia 4.0 Centre to its members in Phnom Penh and Kampoung Speu at the initial phase. It will cover relevant topics in cybersecurity, cloud and data center. As part of the inclusivity and diversity, this digital literacy is also specifically extended to individual with disabilities. This group consist of approximately 1.4% total population, has high potential to be positive net contributor to The Kingdom’s digital economy, given the right capacity building and opportunities. Besides economic reasons, the development of these group of individuals with disabilities, will further boost their dignity and morale, addressing and improving the socioeconomics for The Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to spark digital activities at grassroot level, providing opportunities for individuals to elevate deeper ICT involvements that is anchored on digital tourism.

An MOU signing ceremony between UYFC and Ezecom.
An MOU signing ceremony between UYFC and Ezecom.

Apart from the above, Ezecom will be also responsible to provide internet coverage to libraries, stadiums, and also public spaces at the initial phase. Being the premier internet service provider, Ezecom is humbled to provide high-speed dedicated internet services to UYFC over period of 3 years. This collaboration provides UYFC members at The Kampus, the ability to experience reliable and efficient internet service, in their digital capacity journey. The total commercial worth of these digital collaboration amounts to USD 160,000 over 3 years at the initial phase.

His Excellency HUN Many showed high appreciation to Ezecom and the Royal Group of Companies in general for their ongoing support for Cambodian youth and community.

"On behalf of the Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Neak Oknha KITH Meng, Ezecom, and The Royal Group for their contributions to Cambodian society through this and many other undertakings.

UYFC goal and purpose is to nurture Cambodian youths to become the backbone of the nation, to take part in preserving what we have achieved so far and to continue to develop socio-economy future. Additionally, Volunteerism that youths experience in UYFC will help them to improve their ability and provide them the opportunities to learn, grow and become the country's pillars and future leaders in attaining socio-economic growth. Our mission is to serve as the bridge and a platform to young generation who wants to give back to society by participating in any activities that helpful and benefit to Cambodia.

Continued by H.E. HUN Many, “This MOU will be an important step in our efforts to educate and train young people who passionate about digital development, particularly those with disabilities and those who are limited to studying digital, scientific, and technological subjects”. This MOU will bring us the better future of digital transformation which’s benefit to digital-economic in Cambodia. In an effort to create an environment more conducive to the development of the digital socio-economic landscape, this collaboration will support the implementation of the Cambodian Digital Government Policy 2022–2035.”

Neak Oknha KITH Meng also shared the same sentiment as His Excellency HUN Many and reiterated the importance of this MOU.

"The Royal Group of Companies, is passionate in elevating socioeconomic livelihood of Cambodians in general. I am committed to help every region of the Kingdom with the business we conduct. Therefore, this is a very positive collaboration, in the sphere of digital literacy and digital capacity building, with UYFC Cambodia 4.0 Centre.

“Ezecom has been in business for 15 years. Together with Telcotech, who owned the Kingdom’s first submarine called AAG and subsequently Khmer owned submarine cable called MCT submarine, has collectively invested more than USD100 millions in the country’s telecommunication industry. RGC took over Telcotech and turned around the company with the successful realization of MCT submarine cable project. Ezecom also turned around internet services of the ailing King Technologies case within the record time last year. RGC understands the Royal Government of Cambodia economic aspirations and has been always forefront in providing support. We recognize the values of digital empowerment to young generation and encouraging their participation in creating a thriving digital economy and society. I’m confident that UYFC Cambodia 4.0 Centre together with Ezecom, will produce significant outcomes through this digital collaboration” said Neak Oknha KITH Meng.

This digital collaboration’s goal is aligned to the Government’s digital economy and it will center on the four key pillars of internet connectivity, internet infrastructure, digital literacy training for youth with disabilities and members of the tourism industry, digital literacy on cloud computing training, and public training and workshops with Cambodia 4.0 Center.

Ezecom is celebrating 15 years of pioneering ICT innovations, operations excellence, which has seen the company started with humble beginning as VOIP provider and transform very rapidly into internet provider and now as digital platform provider, leading the way as digital catalyst for Cambodia’s digital economy.

As part of Royal Group of Companies, Ezecom founded in year 2007 and till today, it has invested cumulatively over USD 100 millions into extensive CAPEX Investments. These investments span more than 30,000 kilometers of total fiber asset from backbone to access and last miles. Ezecom still hold the record as the only 100% locally Khmer owned submarine cable called, Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand submarine cable and long-term investment in Asian American Gateway submarine cable, that collectively connects 13 cable landing stations over 10 countries.

Ezecom continues to forge pioneering activities in terms of collaborative and partnership with well-known international technology principles such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, VeloCloud, LogRhythm, Huawei, Ameyo, MiHCM to Cambodia, that are relevant to address our customers’ business needs. Through these developments, it helped to showcase Cambodia, as progressive nation to attract business developments and investments, from the region and world. [Press Release]