Cambodia Sees More than 515,000 Tourists in One Week

Cambodia has seen an uptick in international visitors recently, with more than 515,000 travellers within one week at the end of November, sparking hopes for the sector’s future
Tourists leave the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, December 15, 2022. Kiripost/Siv Channa
Tourists leave the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, December 15, 2022. Kiripost/Siv Channa

Cambodia is pinning hopes on receiving about 11 million domestic tourists​ next year and welcoming seven million international tourists by 2026, after more than 515,000 holidaymakers travelling in late November and early December.

According to a report by the Ministry of Tourism, in the first 11 months of 2022, Cambodia received more than 10 million domestic tourists. It is estimated that there will be nearly 11 million domestic tourists in 2023.​

The report added that during the week from November 28 to December 4, Cambodia received a total of 554,062 tourists, including 515,409 national tourists and 38,653 foreign visitors. This figure is up 49.9 percent from the previous week. The main tourist destinations were Kampong Chhnang with 209,680 people, Sihanoukville with 146,439 people, and Siem Reap province with 45,556 people.

President of the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents (CATA), Chhay Sivlin,​ said there are several factors leading to the increase in tourism since Cambodia reopened after covid. This includes the re-launch of flights, coordination among tourism-related businesses to revive the industry, and the​ reopening of tourism services.

Moreover, the celebration of major events, which were halted during the pandemic, have helped the sector to rebound.

“Since the reopening of the country, we have seen major events with the participation of top leaders as an opportunity for Cambodia to showcase its potential. In particular, show the security that we have promoted Cambodia as a safe destination,” Sivlin​ said.