Ministry Bans Use of Signal Boosters

The use of signal boosters and repeaters has been banned, with authorities threatening jail and financial penalties to those who use them.
Internet boosters on roofs of a borey in Phnom Penh. Kiripost/stringer
Internet boosters on roofs of a borey in Phnom Penh. Kiripost/stringer

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPTC) said on Tuesday it has banned the use of signal boosters/ repeaters as they severely affect mobile services in boreys and warned those flouting the law face jail and fines.

In a statement on 26 July, MPTC said it has identified that the use of signal boosters and/or repeaters causes signal interference and severely affects the quality of mobile services in surrounding areas.

The Ministry said they had identified these disturbances after radio frequency drive tests and mobile service assessment at a number of townships in Phnom Penh.

“As such, MPTC would like to request households currently using signal boosters and/or repeaters to dismantle, remove, and cease the use of these devices at their respective homes,” the statement said.

MPTC added that all related parties should immediately cease the import of signal boosters and repeaters to avoid legal implications.

Citing article 84 of the law on Telecommunication, the Ministry said the establishment, installation, utilization, or modification of telecommunication infrastructure and network or telecommunication equipment to cut off, disturb, or interfere with telecommunication infrastructure and network or affect public order shall be sentenced to prison from one year to five years and fined from 2 million to 10 million riels.

Chy Sophat, a digital expert in Cambodia, told Kiripost that boosters and repeaters have been used as a tool for capturing services; people have used them to capture or transmit services where there is no service, while it is used to make other phone systems out of service or no service.

“People in areas with poor service went to buy assistive devices, and it is not legal in our country to buy equipment,” he said.

He added that users can not complain about internet speed but should find a way to ask the relevant ministries or other service providers to provide better services.