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Metfone Receives Lauded Medal from the Government

Metfone has been awarded the prestigious Monisaraphon Royal Medal of the Kingdom of Cambodia for its unwavering commitment to the country
Metfone Receives Lauded Medal from the Government. Photo supplied.
Metfone Receives Lauded Medal from the Government. Photo supplied.

Leading telecommunications and technology company, Metfone, is celebrating after receiving the Monisaraphon Royal Medal of the Kingdom of Cambodia in recognition of its commitment to the community and work to push Cambodia’s digital landscape.

On February 16, Metfone Company’s CEO, Cao Manh Duc, attended a ceremony to receive the medal. At the event, he expressed his gratitude to the government and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence, Tea Banh, for the recognition.

The medal was awarded to Metfone for its contributions to the community, pioneering the Kingdom’s digital society, and continuing to be a leader in telecommunications technology in Cambodia.

Metfone said it maintains its philosophy of social responsibility, which it has embraced since the start of operations in the country. In addition, it continues to actively use its strengths to solve the nation’s development challenges.

Currently, Metfone is considered the number one telecommunications and technology enterprise in Cambodia. Since establishing in the country, it has also contributed nearly $1 billion to the state budget, creating jobs for more than 3,000 people and 30,000 indirect jobs.

Besides business activities, Metfone also contributes to promoting Cambodia’s economic and social development and improving quality of life for Cambodians.

With a long-term vision and sustainable development, Metfone is focusing on investing in technology and pioneering the creation of a digital society, and has been providing a full range of telecommunications services, including mobile, fixed broadband, Fintech, IT solutions for businesses, and accompanying the government and ministries. [Partnered Content]