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Metfone Celebrates 14th Anniversary

Metfone is marking 14 years of operations in Cambodia, building itself to become the country’s leading telecommunications company, while supporting the nation’s development
Metfone Celebrates 14th Anniversary. Photo supplied.
Metfone Celebrates 14th Anniversary. Photo supplied.

Metfone is celebrating 14 years of operations in Cambodia, positioning itself as a leading brand in Cambodia’s technology and telecommunications sector.

Viettel Cambodia Company launched Metfone on February 19, 2009. During the course of 14 years of development, it has been increasingly asserting and building its position, prestige and brand in Cambodia.

In order to survive in a fiercely competitive market and meet the increasing needs of customers, the company has gradually built its own strategy to focus on investing in product development and applying new technology solutions.

Metfone Celebrates 14th Anniversary. Artwork supplied.
Metfone Celebrates 14th Anniversary. Artwork supplied.

After 14 years of operation, Metfone is currently the largest telecommunications operator in Cambodia in terms of subscribers, revenue and network, with nearly 50 percent of the market share, reaching more than nine million subscribers.

Although the world telecommunications industry is saturated, Metfone continues to maintain its growth momentum in terms of revenue. Currently, the company is valued at up to $1 billion. Metfone is currently one of the five largest taxpayers for the Cambodian government and society.

During its lifetime, in addition to business activities, Metfone has contributed to the development of Cambodian society and people. It has created jobs for nearly 30,000 workers, with average incomes higher than the national average. In addition, it supports the Cambodian government and people in volunteer activities.

Metfone has contributed to community activities, sharing and accompanying the Government, ministries and Cambodian people at a total of $117 million, striving to contribute to support the livelihoods of Cambodian people.

Examples include donating to the Red Cross Society, sponsoring the underprivileged, sponsoring the Cambodian national football tournament and providing free internet to schools, among other projects.

In 2022, Metfone Company received five international awards for its products.

Metfone said its “constant creative efforts are a vision of sustainable development, continuing to affirm its position as a pioneering brand in technology.” [Partnered Content]