Long-term Expat Steve Porte Found

A wave of relief spread across social media after news that long-term expat and photographer, Steve Porte, has been found in a Phnom Penh hospital
Steve Porte. Kiripost via Facebook of Srey Neang
Steve Porte. Kiripost via Facebook of Srey Neang

Long-term expat and photographer Steve Porte has been found in hospital after panic erupted when he went missing for 24 hours.

His wife Srey Neang became concerned about his whereabouts after being unable to contact him for 24 hours. He had left to meet a friend at a coffee shop in Phnom Penh.

She posted a message on Facebook urging anyone who had seen him to get in touch. This prompted a flurry of appeals for help across social media. Equally, news of him being found sparked an outcry of relief.

On Tuesday afternoon, Neang posted an update saying Porte has been located in a Phnom Penh hospital and is being kept in for one night for observation. She said test results have returned from the laboratory and “all is fine”.

“So many people have reached out and are concerned about Steve,” she wrote. “We really appreciate the concern, so I want to send an update to let everyone know what is going on and to calm any confusion that has come up in the last 24 hours.”

She added, “Again, many thanks to everyone [who] has reached out directly or via Facebook. We just want to assure everyone that all is well. And we do not need and are not soliciting donations of any kind.”

Porte has made a name for himself photographing many of the country’s bands and musicians, most prominently the Kampot Playboys.