Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge Documents Preserved for Future Generations

Thousands of documents from the Khmer Rouge era have been digitized to preserve them for future generations as part of the Documentation Center of Cambodia’s quest to “restore broken society”.
Kampong Cham Documentation Center
Kampong Cham Documentation Center

The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) has digitised thousands of documents from the Khmer Rouge so survivors and the wider public have greater access to information about the regime’s history.

DC-Cam is continuing to make its archives more accessible through virtual mediums and is also making its physical archives more accessible.

“To fulfill this objective, DC-Cam’s Documentation Center team transported additional physical documents and inventories (wooden and metal cabinets), tables, and chairs to the five regional documentation centers to enhance public access and improve physical facilities,” the research center said in a statement.

“From day one, documenting and disseminating the Khmer Rouge documents for future generations with the support from the government of Cambodia is always our priority,” DC Cam’s Executive Director Chhang Youk said. He added that three methods have been used: photocopying, microfilming and digitizing.

“Documents or facts are helpful to restore broken society,” Youk added.

Thy Try, Executive Director at Open Development Cambodia, an ‘open data’ website, said the digitisation will allow people to learn more about the regime.

“I lost my uncle during the Khmer Rouge era. I had no experience living during the Khmer Rouge era, but my parents always told me about their depressed experiences,” Try told Kiripost on Monday.

“With this data, information and documents available online and digitized, it is essential to raise awareness among citizens in the digital age, both in urban and rural areas,” he added.