Internet Provider Given Seven Days to Settle Debt

Ministries order King Technologies – owner of Opennet – to pay outstanding payments to the state or risk suspension.
Opennet office
Opennet office

Opennet internet has been given seven days to settle its debts or risk having its license suspended.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Post and Telecommunication ordered parent company, King Technologies, to come forward and make the payment.

“In the event that King Technologies CO., LTD (Opennet) continues to avoid settling debts with the state, the two ministries will impose license suspension of the company and enforce Article 78 of the Law on Telecommunications, as well as impose other measures in accordance with the law and regulations in force,” the ministries said in an official notice.

“The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications firmly believe in the responsibility of King Technologies CO., LTD. (Opennet) to fulfill its obligation to settle debts with the state by the above-mentioned deadline.”

A staff member who answers phone calls at Opennet said he was unaware of the details as senior management is holding talks with the government.

“The superiors are solving it and negotiating,” he said.

Opennet is known for its affordable price in Phnom Penh, with the cheapest monthly fee of $16 for 10 Mbps.