Inaugural Coding and Developer Camp Aims to Grow Cambodia’s Sector

The first CODE-C event will see the nation’s coders and developers gather to share their innovations and further push the country’s burgeoning sector as the country moves towards digitalization.
Staffs work at UDAYA Technology office in Phnom Penh February 22, 2022. Kiripost/stringer
Staffs work at UDAYA Technology office in Phnom Penh February 22, 2022. Kiripost/stringer

Phnom Penh-based ICT company UDAYA Technology is aiming to bolster Cambodia’s growing coding developer community at the nation’s inaugural coding festival.

Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) will host Cambodia’s first developer conference and tech expo, CODE-C on Friday and Saturday in a bid to attract more interest in the sector while showcasing coding’s potential in today’s society.

“UDAYA Technology believes that by supporting the CODE-C event, we will contribute to growing the coding developer community, as well as raise awareness of this profession. We can see that the government has given us some guidance regarding the Digital Policy 2022-2035, so this is one way UDAYA can contribute to it,” said Mr. Mam Monytep, Director of UDAYA Technology’s public relations.

“Another thing is that we are hoping to showcase our software products to local and international companies, to show Cambodia also has a similar management system and advanced technology as other countries do, even though we still need more time to develop, we will eventually reach our goal,” Monytep added.

CODE-C is a developer conference and tech expo for coders, tech business leaders, and digital talents to empower digital innovation made in Cambodia and to build the Kingdom’s digital future, CADT said. The festival is being held in partnership with USAID and Development Engineering UC Berkeley.

“It aims to bring together participants from the tech ecosystem, digital business, government, and educational institutions,” a statement from CADT said. “Joined by leading industry speakers and key innovators, participants get updated about the newest trends and key challenges from infrastructure to systems and processes.”

CADT poster about the upcoming coding festival.
CADT poster about the upcoming coding festival.

As part of the program, the expo will showcase innovative products and services from digital businesses and start-ups across sectors to highlight the development of Cambodia’s digital ecosystem.

CADT hopes that CODE-C will create an annual exchange platform for the developer community to exchange information about technology development trends.

Monytep added that the conference is very important and will be one of the first events that provides a platform for coders and developers to share their knowledge, get new insights and learn new things.

“We have not had this kind of event before, at least not on this scale,” added Monytep. “It is very important for us to be involved in this kind of event as we can see that the future will heavily rely on technology."

“For us to be involved with these kinds of activities, to connect with people in our industry, as well as university and high school students, is a way for us to expand our branding and help raise awareness about the important role technology will play in our future lives.”

The event takes place on June 17 and 18, from 8:30am to 5pm at CADT Innovation Center in Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changva district.

Disclaimer: This story is produced by Kiripost in paid partnership with UDAYA Technology