Cool contact-less payment with Acleda PayBand

Digital technology is advancing in Cambodia, making everyday life easier. One of the latest tools to revolutionize life is Acleda Bank’s PayBand tool, which takes contactless payment to a new level. The future is here.
Acleda Payband
Acleda Payband

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A pioneer in Cambodian banking, Acleda has launched its PayBand to all its customers. As technology advances, it’s becoming less visible. Contactless, wearable technology has been around for some years already. However, it’s getting cooler. Now, I can roam around a shopping mall or enjoy time with friends at a sky bar and easily use the new PayBand to pay for my drinks.

How does it work? Like any other wearable device, it uses near-field communication (NFC). I just need to put my hand near a POS terminal or other machine that accepts contactless.

I’ve been an Acelda user for more than a decade (when a smartphone app wasn’t a thing). I got my blue-color PayBand (there are many cool colors available) from its branch in Phnom Penh’s Toul Kork district near my home.

It’s just a matter of time before we can use PayBand at the entrance of movie theaters or football stadiums to get in without having to queue for ticket checking among the crowd.

For me, the reasons to start using the PayBand are:

  • Withdraw cash from ACLEDA ATM contactless
  • Less physical contact with the cash is better (during the Covid-19 pandemic, we spray cash using bottled alcohol frequently)
  • Feel safer not having cash in my pocket
  • Easier to track my spending (when and where)
  • The future is here

How to get your PayBand for free? You can apply for your PayBand at any Acleda Bank branch in Cambodia with your Cambodian ID card or passport.