China Signs 18 Agreements to Aid Cambodia

China has pledged to continue investing in Cambodia’s development through 18 agreements that include $27 million to improve livelihoods and introducing Chinese language programs into the national curriculum
Chinese premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Hun Sen at a gala dinner in Phnom Penh. Kiripost via SPM Page
Chinese premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Hun Sen at a gala dinner in Phnom Penh. Kiripost via SPM Page

China has signed 18 agreements that provide a raft of aid to Cambodia, including $27 million to improve livelihoods and Chinese language being introduced to school curriculums.

On Wednesday, Chinese premier Li Keqiang said China will continue to assist Cambodia’s development by providing additional aid to the Kingdom, including 200 million yuan ($27 million) to help improve the livelihood of Cambodians, according to Hun Sen’s official Facebook page.

The post added that China will continue to support the restoration of Cambodia's heritage, increase the number of Cambodian students studying in China, assist in demining activities, help organize the upcoming SEA Games, as well as help Cambodian athletes, build a bridge across the Mekong River, and help construct a railway connecting Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and China.

China will also support Cambodia’s agricultural sector to ensure the quality of Cambodian agricultural products can be exported to China in accordance with the quota as well as required quality standards.

The agreements include a concessional loan to expand National Road 7 between Skun town and Kampong Cham province, and a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a joint Chinese program in public secondary schools.

Li also symbolically inaugurated the $2 billion Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway on Wednesday at a ceremony in Phnom Penh.

The Chinese aid came ahead of the country hosting the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summit and Related Summits, which run until November 13. Dominant issues include the Myanmar coup, Ukraine war, inflation, climate change, South China Sea and nuclear tests by North Korea.

In the meeting, Hun Sen thanked the Chinese side for its role in providing vaccines to help Cambodia overcome the spread of Covid-19 and reopen the country.

Hun Sen also congratulated the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party and expressed his hope that China achieves more construction and development, especially reaching the second 100-year goal of building a modern socialist country.