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Cellcard and Ezecom Launch First Customer Digital Experience Centers

Royal Group enhances customer experience with launch of Cellcard and Ezecom’s first Customer Digital Experience Centers in Takmao and Siem Reap
Cellcard and Ezecom Launch First Customer Digital Experience Centers. Photo supplied.
Cellcard and Ezecom Launch First Customer Digital Experience Centers. Photo supplied.

Royal Group’s Cellcard and Ezecom have made history with the opening of the first joint Cellcard and Ezecom Digital Experience Customer Center - offering customers products and services for both mobile and broadband under one roof.

The two centers opened on February 6 in the hearts of Krong Takmao, Kandal province, and Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap province. The two new Cellcard & Ezecom Digital Experience Customer Centers feature modern design, ample parking space, comfortable waiting areas, and sleek counters.

The interior is clean, bright, and clutter-free, with a good sense of space, designed to facilitate a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Operated by more than 20 full-time staff, the new centers are equipped to provide a full array of services expected from a full-fledged branch office of Ezecom or Cellcard. This includes routine customer support, billing, and new customer registration to technical troubleshooting and other special services.

A joint Cellcard and Ezecom Digital Experience Customer Center. Photo supplied.
A joint Cellcard and Ezecom Digital Experience Customer Center. Photo supplied.

With both mobile and broadband customer service personnel in the same space, solving customer's connectivity needs is more efficient and effective.

"The collaboration between Cellcard and Ezecom is a great opportunity for customers to learn more about the connectivity services under the Royal Group portfolio. The joint experience centers in Takhmao and Siem Reap will showcase products, services, and solutions for both mobile and broadband, covering personal, residential, and business connectivity needs in a more holistic way,” said Simon Perkins, CEO of Cellcard.

“No doubt this will bring our customers enhanced convenience and brand experiences from both Cellcard and Ezecom. We are very excited to open our doors and be the connectivity hub in these two initial provinces, and we look forward to welcoming and serving customers starting today," he added.

Equally excited about the launch, Asitha De Costa, CIO of Ezecom, raised the vital role the Digital Experience Center plays and what it means for the two service providers and their customers.

"We are excited to start the year with a strong message to the market with the launch of two brand new Cellcard and Ezecom Customer Digital Experience Centers located in Takmao and Siem Reap. This will just be the start of these amazing locations, which are targeted to provide an immersive customer experience for both companies' customers,” he said.

“The new experience centers are designed to showcase the strength of Cellcard and Ezecom’s synergy within the Royal Group, which further strengthens cooperation between the two companies as we work together with the larger Royal Group of Companies to achieve our vision of a robust and innovative digital economy and society in Cambodia."

Customers who sign up for any Ezecom internet package at the newly-opened store between February 6 and March 6, are eligible to join a lucky draw to be in with a chance of winning prizes.

Since 2019, Ezecom and Cellcard have been working closely on multiple projects, creating new opportunities and impact in the digital service and platform space, uplifting communities and partners.

In December 2022, Cellcard and Ezecom jointly sponsored and participated in the Digital Forensics Symposium, hosted by the Child Protection Unit (CPU) and the Cambodian National Police (CNP) in December 2022, to promote internet safety and digital literacy.

More collaborative initiatives are expected between the two brands and other subsidiaries of the

Royal Group of Companies as they move towards driving the Cambodian digital economy and accelerating the speed of IR 4.0 in the country.

For more information about the new digital experience centers, available services, and lucky draw promotions, customers can visit the Takmao center at 45, Street 107, Village Takmao, Sangkat Takmao, Takmao Municipality, Kandal Province, or the Siem Reap center at 36, Street 6A, Bonteaychas village, Slor Kram commune, Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province.

Customers can also call 012 812 812 (Cellcard) or visit, or 085 888 181 (Ezecom) or visit for more information.​ [Partnered Content]