Cambodian Finswimmer Scoops Four Medals

Cambodia is celebrating after finswimming champion Kaing Muynin won three gold medals and one bronze at the Finswimming World Cup Round Swimming Pool 2022 - bringing home the Kingdom’s first gold medal since the 1980s
Kaing Muynin holds Cambodian flags after winning four medals in Thailand. Kiripost/supplied
Kaing Muynin holds Cambodian flags after winning four medals in Thailand. Kiripost/supplied

Cambodia’s finswimming team is bringing home four medals after taking part in Finswimming World Cup Round Swimming Pool 2022 in Thailand, competing alongside 16 countries and 230 athletes.

According to a Khmer Swimming Federation Facebook post, Kaing Muynin secured three gold and one bronze medal during the tournament, which saw finswimming races end on September 4.

The gold medals were awarded in the Women’s 400m Bifins, Women’s 200m Bifins, and Women’s 100m Bifins. Kaing Muynin won the bronze medal in the Women’s 50m Bifins.

The Finswimming's World Cup Round Swimming Pool 2022 is organized by the Association of Thailand Underwater Sports and took place from September 1 to 5.

The Cambodian team comprised six competitors - four men and two women - and was led by coach Hem Kiri. The tournament saw a total of 16 countries and 230 athletes compete.

Swimming athlete Muynin said she is delighted to earn three gold and one bronze medal in her first Finswimming competition. She spent only five to six months training before joining the tournament, she added.

“I started practising Finswimming before the SEA Games in Vietnam. It's been around five to six months, and we've constantly been training,” she said. “We've been practising for a month to prepare for the Thailand games.”

Muynin said the training was tough, but she had to persevere to succeed. She also hopes to secure good results in the next tournament, she added.

“Now, we've gained a lot of experience from this competition. We know what to do and how to compete,” she said. “So for the next competition, we can have enough time to train and prepare.”

Hem Kiry, Secretary General of the Khmer Swimming Federation, said that Cambodia has won medals since the 1960s when a swimming tournament was held during the People's Socialist Community.

However, since 1980, Cambodia has consistently missed out on opportunities to compete in international competitions, and the Kingdom has not won a medal, he added.

“This was the first time we won a gold medal for swimming in Cambodia after the war,” he said. “Also, we won three [gold] medals, so it's a good achievement.”

He said this marks great success for Cambodia, particularly the Khmer Swimming Federation, as well as Muynin. He said she was able to achieve this due to a collaborative effort between the Khmer Federation, athletes, and coaches.

“It must be a significant accomplishment for Cambodia. It will bring fame, particularly the appreciation of other countries who competed,” he said. “Also, the Cambodian people are celebrating and applauding this result.”