Cambodian Delegation of Entrepreneurs to Visit Israel

A group of Cambodian entrepreneurs will spend four days in Israel meeting investors and innovative startups as part of a collaboration to strengthen business opportunities between the two countries.
Program for Cambodian tech delegation to Israel
Program for Cambodian tech delegation to Israel

Cambodian entrepreneurs and investors will embark on a four-day road trip in Israel to visit cutting-edge start-ups and agrotech companies, and meet with business and venture capital investors.

The “Cambodian tech delegation to Israel” will take place from late-August to early-September, with the aim of connecting the two countries’ tech sectors. The initiative forms part of new efforts by the Israel Chamber of Commerce in Phnom Penh to link business and investment opportunities between Cambodia and Israel.

Bridging the Startup Gap Between Cambodia and Israel

Managing Director of Cambodia Israel Chamber of Commerce, Aileen Boy, told Kiripost that while the chamber is selecting people to join the delegation, individuals, tech startups and companies are invited to apply. The chamber will then evaluate the eligibility criteria to choose the companies that best represent the Cambodian ecosystem and those that have the most likelihood to interact with their Israeli counterparts.

When in the startup nation, the Israeli Innovation Center, Start-Up Nation Central, and Israel Export Institute, which are in charge of the Israeli tech ecosystem, will host at least 14 selected delegates from Cambodia.

Aileen added,

“They will meet incubators and attend workshops to understand about the ecosystem, tech and startup community in Israel.”

As part of the agenda, selected companies will be given the unique opportunity to meet startup founders to learn about Israeli mentality and the development of Israeli startups, as well as explore new technologies and ideas. Visits to collaborative startup labs for bio engineering will also be included.

The cost for each delegate is about $6,000 for accommodation and travel. However, sponsorship is being sought by both governments via the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance’s Khmer Enterprise, Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel Innovation Authority, and the Embassy of Israel to Thailand. It is hoped they will be able to partially-fund the trip.

“We have the support of both the Cambodian and Israeli governments, who are sponsoring the delegation,” Aileen said.

An integral part of the tech delegation is to improve technology and skills in the agriculture sector for Cambodian entrepreneurs. Mak Chamroeun, chairman of Agribee, a Cambodian AgriTech company in Phnom Penh, said, “Personally, I’m excited as we can have this kind of collaboration with a highly agricultural specialized country like Israel.”

He added, “When knowledge and skills transfer from Israel to Cambodia’s entrepreneurs, this sector will go to another higher level, especially in agro-food processing and technology innovations for agriculture’s greater yields.”

He explained that the exchange “will help farmers and producers to have a new form of thinking and more productivity”.

Chamroeun, whose company provides services through its value-chain management platform, also sees an opportunity to collaborate with Israeli agrotech experts to explore how to further develop its in-house digital platform, so it can “better serve more smallholder farmers and other key players”.

“The exchange of skills and knowledge is the way to build human capital in this backbone sector of Cambodia. Overall, it’s a good thing, even for my company as a player in the agricultural sector,” he added.

In June, a dozen business delegates from Cambodia visited companies to study a variety of agritech businesses, including greenhouse, Israeli-made Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology for salmon aquaculture on land, seaweed, biogas, sea water for banana crops, and lab-grown meat, among many others.

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