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Cambodia Unveils Electric Vehicle Roadmap

The country’s first fast EV charging station is installed as the government unveils drive to have 40 percent of electric cars on the roads by 2050 as part of its roadmap towards zero carbon emissions.
Cambodia's first fast EV charging station is installed. Picture: UNDP
Cambodia's first fast EV charging station is installed. Picture: UNDP

Cambodia has launched its first fast charging station for four-wheeler Electric Vehicles (EV) as part of a nationwide drive to introduce 40 percent of electric vehicles and 70 percent of electric motorcycles on the country’s roads by 2050.

The number of registered EVs was only two in 2020, increasing to 62 vehicles in 2021. For the first three months of 2022, there were 47 electric vehicles on the country’s roads, said Chhuon Vorn, Director General of the General Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, at a ceremony on Saturday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Sun Chanthol said the move forms part of the government’s strategic plans to achieve zero carbon rates by 2050, and is a necessary measure under the country’s emission reduction goals as per Nationally Determined Contribution and its Long-Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality.

Chanthol said the Ministry has received donations from UNDP for four EV chargers. Private companies have also pledged to support the promotion of EVs in Cambodia, with 10 chargers for up to 10 EVs.

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In addition, the Ministry has met with a number of companies interested in investing in EV power stations, the Minister said.

UNDP Resident Representative Alissar Chaker said the partnership with the private sector is crucial to accelerate change, and promote innovation and new technologies that have the potential to renovate the national transport fleet, also reducing the risk of road accidents.

“EVs are taking the world by storm, a storm that is rapidly changing the transport sector,” Chaker said at the ceremony. She added that the quick uptake of EVs demonstrates the change in public awareness of the climate crisis and vulnerability, and a commitment to make responsible decisions to lower emissions.

“I am pleased to witness a large representation of automakers and private sector representatives today. Ladies and gentlemen, you are the agents of change that will transform the market and enable Cambodia to reduce its emissions from vehicles.”

Chaker said UNDP is installing DC fast charging stations in three other key cities and is currently working with the Ministry on the elaboration of a roadmap for the development of EV charging infrastructure.