Cambodia to Export Longan to China

China has carried out assessments into Cambodia’s longan market to inspect the quality and capacity in a deal that is slated to see trade in the fruit begin in September.
Cambodian longan for export to China (Photo: Kiripost/Bun Tharum)
Cambodian longan for export to China (Photo: Kiripost/Bun Tharum)

Cambodia is expected to start exporting longan to China in September, in addition to 35 agricultural products.

Ngin Chhay, General Department of Agriculture director, said the Chinese Customs Administration has raised three main reasons why Cambodia is able to export longan to the Chinese market

“First, the quality of longan in Cambodia is better than other countries in Asia. Secondly, there is no ban on Cambodian products going to the Chinese market. Thirdly, plantations are seen as clean and hygienic.”

He added, “I don't think it is a problem and we can bring fresh longans to China as long as our Pailin longan are harvested.”

The director said eight packaging factories have already assessed whether there is sufficient capacity and quality standards to export to China.