Tiffy Army FC Terminates Long Meng Hav’s Contract After Violence on the Pitch

Tiffy Army FC has issued a statement regarding the dismissal of player Long Meng Hav, who displayed acts of violence during a match against Kirivong Sok Sen Chey Football Club
Long Meng Hav. Kiripost via Tiffy Army FC
Long Meng Hav. Kiripost via Tiffy Army FC

Tiffy Army FC has issued a statement detailing the inappropriate actions of disqualified player Long Meng Hav during the 2023 Cambodian League Cup match between Kirivong Sok Sen Chey Football Club on April 8.

The release on April 10 delves into the incidents and behaviors of Meng Hav that were deemed to be outside the acceptable conduct of a professional football player.

In a statement, the club’s management said they decided to terminate the contract between the club and Meng Hav.

A video of both clubs during the Cambodian League Cup match shows that the player wearing number 27 run to control the ball nearly outside the field. At that moment, Meng Hav, who wore number 28, kicked the opposition side’s player wearing number 27. Another opposing player wearing number 4 leans step in with an argument and Meng Hav then runs fast from the half-side of field with an over-flying kick with him on the shoulder.

Contacted on Monday, Meng Hav said, “This statement to me is good for the football club, they do it right. I have affected the club, and it does not matter if they terminate such a contract so as not to affect the reputation of the club, I am responsible for my mistakes.”

Meng Hav added “At first, I had a bit of an argument with the number 27 player, not the number 4 player, then the number 4 player pushed me hard and didn't compromise. He pointed at me and he said rude words to me.”

He added that because he saw the number 4 player continued to talk loudly and aggressively and he was unable to control his anger when provoked.

As a young football player, he said he does not want to speak much about his actions as “it’s meaningless”. He added that he understands that others might judge him based on the outcome of his actions, without understanding the cause of his choices.

Tiffy Army FC said it offers its sincerest apologies to Kirivong Sok Sen Chey Club and all football fans for the violence during the match. It said football clubs do not condone intentional violence, and it is certainly not representative of Cambodian football.