Innovative TEDxRUPP Returns

Sunday’s TEDxRUPP event is expected to attract a 250-strong audience as 11 innovative speakers take to the stage to discuss a series of topics.
Chea Sokhy
Chea Sokhy

Eleven innovative speakers from five nations will take to the stage for the return of TEDxRUPP to talk about a range of topics that span mental health, self-care, education, parenting, entrepreneurship, and the arts.

The “Ideas Worth Spreading” event at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center will welcome 250 people this Sunday for TEDxRUPP 2022. The event is an integration of the world-class TEDx event and the Royal University Phnom Penh (RUPP).

It will feature Cambodian influencer Neang Sovathana (also known as DJ Nana) and singer and songwriter Rithy Lomor Kesor (Kesorr). Serey Roth Hor Heng, a student at the Royal University of Law and Economics, will also speak about how to not spoil your kids.

TEDxRUPP speakers
TEDxRUPP speakers

“Act Now” is the theme of this year's TEDxRUPP, and will see the 11 speakers cover 10 topics, including mental health, self-care, education, parenting, entrepreneurship, and arts.

Since its inception in 2018, TEDxRUPP has garnered more than 20,000 attendees.

A seasoned organizer of the event said that the Sunday afternoon will be filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking ideas and mind-blowing conversations, as “TEDxRUPP is a unique experience that unleashes new ideas, inspires and informs our community using TED's format and license”.

When going through the selection process of speakers, Chea Sokhy said the event committee wanted to bring the inside-out of fascinating stories from the speakers.

He told Kiripost, “There have been speakers who amazed me with their stories when they took to the stage. They’ve got interesting stories to share.”

Chea Sokhy is the lead organizer team and official licensee of TEDx, TED-Ed, and TED Circles programs in Phnom Penh. He told Kiripost that he plans to bring back TEDxPhnomPenh in 2023.

The inaugural TEDxPhnomPenh was held in 2011 at Northbridge International School. The event’s theme, "Building the Future", gave spotlights to individuals including Keo Kounila, Suy Channe, and Prim Phloeun to share their Cambodia’s stories on stage.

The third TEDxPhnomPenh, the following year at Pannasastra University, was the last to date.

From humble beginnings, Sokhy, nicknamed Bill, has enjoyed volunteering work organizing community events, including BarCamps Phnom Penh, YouthSpeak Forum, and FilmCamp since the early 2010s.

Through these experiences, Bill wants to accomplish more. He sees the only way to elevate the standard of event organizing is by seeking inspiration from international events. In 2016, he went on to start the Ignite Talks in Cambodia.

Following the success of the series of events and lessons he has learned; he does not stop. TEDxRUPP, Startup Grind, and Techstars are events and initiatives he leads by training volunteers.

As each event, such as Ignite Talk Cambodia, gathered nearly 1,000 people, Sokhy has transformed himself into a community builder, connecting notable people with his event audience, who are mostly Cambodian youth.

Sokhy graduated from both PUC and RUPP and has built his expertise in event management. Yet, he is now up to something new, entrepreneurship.

Sokhy told Kiripost, “It’s good to see people, including the event speakers, create connections after the event and do something more.” He admits that he prefers to be behind the stage leading his team to organize great events in Cambodia, saying, “My personal motto is, ‘stay humble, stay hungry for more’.”