Startup CamSEED to Stop Sowing Seeds

Innovative Cambodian startup, CamSEED, which aimed to change the intern landscape by introducing paid work placements, has revealed it is to close its doors due to “ethical concerns”.
Hao Sophareth, co-founder and CEO of CamSEED (Kiripost/Bun Tharum)
Hao Sophareth, co-founder and CEO of CamSEED (Kiripost/Bun Tharum)

Cambodian startup CamSEED, that promotes paid internship culture, today announced it is in the process of closing “due to ethical concerns”.

Hao Sophareth is one of Cambodia’s youngest startup founders. He founded CamSEED in April last year as a high schooler.

As the skillsets of most students do not match the needs of the employers, the young CamSEED CEO said, “We believe that everybody should have access to internships regardless of their socio-economic background, and this is only possible if internships are paid to enable students from poor and disadvantaged families to participate.”

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Often dynamic, creative, engaging, and fast learners, young Cambodian students need a lot of onboarding and training for the modern-day digital working environment. Companies find it easier to shape young talents with specific mindsets and skills tailored to their needs and sector.

Since April, CamSEED has launched a one-year ‘1,000 Internships’ campaign that aims to deliver three-month paid internships to 1,000 university students in a bid to upskill the nation’s future talent. The 1,000 Internships campaign was due to run until April next year.

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