Para Games 2023

Cambodia Scores Bronze in ASEAN Para Games' Esports Event

Cambodia has secured a bronze medal in the 12th ASEAN Para Games, scoring 2-0 against Thailand
eam members of the E-Sports Federation Cambodia. Kiripost via Next Level Entertainment
eam members of the E-Sports Federation Cambodia. Kiripost via Next Level Entertainment

Esports broke history as Cambodia clinched a bronze medal after being included in the 12th ASEAN Para Game for the first time.

The Cambodian national team defeated Thailand 2-0 in the semi-final tournament on Monday at National Partner Gaga World in Phnom Penh. The score saw Cambodian fans cheer the team on with their first achievement in the Esports field.

During the competition, both teams pressed each other. In the first half, Cambodian players played with confidence and smooth cooperation among team members when they played in different positions to support the team and beat Thailand 1-0.

Continuing to the next round, Thailand players lost their control to reach gold, while Cambodia showed and earned more scores. The full-time result has proved beneficial for providing people with disabilities the opportunity to compete in Esports.

Team manager, Luon Dysamil, said, “After winning this tournament and getting a bronze medal, we want to say that we are happy and proud. It was challenging for us from the beginning, from the team forming stage until the event. It was a rough road but thanks to our sponsors, our players did have the best time, environment and equipment to train”

Dysamil added, "This opportunity is very important to their families because Esports isn't very familiar to them. Rather they were discouraged from time to time due to Esports being considered as "gaming", which is wasting time. Therefore, this event has proven otherwise to their family and relatives.

“I noticed our players' eyes brighten when they saw their family come to support them. This then could be considered as one of the special moments I witnessed, as well as for the players. For the next step would be time, only practice makes perfection.

"But of course, I always advise people, not just para, and that is always put education first and whatever path as second. So time management would be the perfect method to help improve the team both in their future as well as in an eSports career."

Koe Phoksambo, a Cambodian coach, said, “After we beat the Thailand team, as a coach, I’m so proud of my team as people with disabilities, especially since it's their first time, but they did it with good cooperation. It’s a new experience after achieving this opportunity.”

He added that Phoksambo winning a bronze medal serves as encouragement for other people with disabilities as they can achieve anything with commitment. He urged them to be strong and hopeful with their life.

He hopes that in the next 13th ASEAN Para Game, they will include Esports because it can motivate disabled people to have more hope and pride in life.

Cambodian Esports captain, Uk Viraksathya, said, “I’m very happy to win and achieve this result with my team, and it's a golden opportunity for us to show our abilities with the Esports game.”

Viraksathya added that in the match against Thailand, he and his team collaborated as a strong team and they were especially determined to overcome competitors to secure success. They believe that good commitment with understanding in preparations is a key factor to become a winning team.