ODC Provides Data Literacy Training for Journalists

A four-day course delivering data literacy to journalists has been hailed a success, with attendees informed about the importance of reading, analyzing and understanding data in the digital world
Data literacy to journalists at ODC. Kiripost via ODC
Data literacy to journalists at ODC. Kiripost via ODC

The four-day Data Literacy Training for Journalists on Social Accountability has successfully finished, with Open Development Cambodia (ODC) grateful for active engagement from participants, and hopes they can use the knowledge and skills gained for their professional and personal development.

The training is under the Innovations for Social Accountability in Cambodia project, with ODC and FHI 360 as implementing partners and financial support received from USAID Cambodia.

Data literacy is the ability to read, analyze, understand, and communicate data effectively. It involves the skills and knowledge required to interpret and make sense of data and use it to inform decision-making and problem-solving.

ODC said that data literacy includes a range of competencies, including the ability to identify and collect relevant data, analyze and interpret data using statistical and other techniques, and effectively communicate insights and findings to others.

It also involves understanding the limitations and potential biases of data, as well as the ethical and legal considerations related to data privacy and security.

ODC added that in today's data-driven world, data literacy is becoming increasingly important for individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and stay competitive. It is not just a technical skill, but a critical thinking skill that is essential across many fields and industries.