Meet Memory Expert Eran Katz

Memory expert and best-selling author Eran Katz is flying into Phnom Penh from Israel to deliver a workshop on memory techniques.
Memory expert and best-selling author Eran Katz
Memory expert and best-selling author Eran Katz

Memory expert Eran Katz, who gave a TEDx talk on how to enjoy and remember every lecture, is landing in Phnom Penh this evening. The memory expert, from start-up nation Israel, will give a talk on ‘Five Gifts for the Brains’ on Thursday at Raintree.

Katz’s work develops memory improvement online courses for students and adults. In the past years, the memory expert has delivered lectures and workshops to multinational companies, such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and the Singapore government.

Building Bridges Between Cambodia and Israel

The Israeli professional speaker, who considers himself as a collector of knowledge, said he conducted an experiment to watch six lectures on YouTube, and he learned that “Surprisingly I remembered more from those lectures that initially did not relate to me”. In his TEDxWhiteCity talk in 2017, he noted, “Because we actually remember better the unusual, the extraordinary, the surprise.”

“We’re the masters of joy, boredom, and interest. We can enjoy every lecture that we hear, every new person that we meet, and every article that we read. And we sure can enjoy unexplored and unknown destinations,” he added.

In Conversation with Memory Master Eran Katz

“Katz holds the Israeli Guinness Book of World Records title in memory stunt,” according to the Cambodia - Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC), which is co-hosting the session with Raintree Cambodia. Katz is the author of the best-selling books ‘Secrets of a Super Memory’ and ‘Five Gifts for the Mind‘.

The talk from the best-selling author is part of CICC’s initiative to bring the best of know-hows to Cambodia. The CICC said it provides an opportunity to learn memory techniques and achieve good memory.

The masterclass by the Israeli memory expert will take place on December 22, from 6pm to 8pm at The Canopy @ Raintree.

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