Kao Kim Hourn Assumes Role as ASEAN Secretary-General

Long-serving government official Dr Kao Kim Hourn has stepped into his new role as Secretary-General of ASEAN
Dr Kao Kim Hourn
Dr Kao Kim Hourn

Kao Kim Hourn, a two-term Minister Delegate attached to the Prime Minister, has assumed his new role as Secretary-General of ASEAN.

According to a post on ASEAN's official Facebook page, he started the job on Monday.

"Dr Kao’s career has focused on strengthening Cambodia’s international relations particularly in ASEAN, driving policy advocacy, and promoting education and development," the post said.

It added that he has penned dozens of books about ASEAN. He also played an integral role in Cambodia entering the Southeast Asian bloc in 1999.

According to Kim Hourn's official website, he left Cambodia at the age of 15 in 1981 for the US.

He went on to study a Doctoral degree in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, two Master’s degrees from Ohio University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University.

In 1993, he returned to Cambodia to run a think-tank dedicated to ASEAN and international affairs and later joined the Royal Government of Cambodia, where he served in various capacities for more than 25 years.

Kim Hourn also founded the University of Cambodia in 2003. It now has more than 20,000 alumni, with him continuing to serve as its president.

He will hold the new position for five years, ending in 2027.