Navigating Online Business Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kiripost offers a detailed guide to how to register businesses on the Online Business Registration System
A person walks near the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Kiripost/Siv Channa
A person walks near the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Kiripost/Siv Channa

The Online Business Registration System is a transformative digital platform that aims to simplify and expedite the process of registering a business, offering a host of benefits such as time efficiency, cost savings, transparency, and accessibility. 

Let's delve into the step-by-step guide for business registration through this innovative system, along with the key reasons that make it a changer for Cambodian businesses.

General Information: What is the Online Business Registration System?

The Online Business Registration system stands as the digital technology platform of the Government intended for business registration purposes. It was initially introduced on June 15, 2020, marking the commencement of a significant reform initiative by the Royal Government. 

Why The Online Business Registration System? 

The Online Business Registration System offers convenience, streamlined processes, time efficiency, cost savings, digital documentation, transparency, accuracy, and accessibility of information. 

It allows business owners to register their businesses online from anywhere, at any time, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices. The system simplifies the registration process by providing a centralized platform and faster approvals. 

It also helps businesses save costs, eliminates the need for physical documentation, promotes transparency, ensures data accuracy, and provides access to relevant information and resources. 

The old procedure for business registration had several challenges, including the need to provide repeated information, navigating different procedures for each ministry or institution, wait for multiple approvals, using monolithic online registration systems, and incurring high costs. 

The introduction of the Online Business Registration System addresses these challenges.

How to Register Your Business Using the Single Portal

  • The business registration process using Single Portal is divided into six main steps: 
  • The first step is to create an account on CamDigiKey.
  • The second step involves logging into the Single Portal.
  • The third step is to register your business.
  • The fourth step, you need to pay for all services.
  • The fifth step entails checking the status and receiving notifications of errors.
  • The final, sixth step is to obtain the digital license/certificate.

Is my business eligible to register or apply for a specialized license?

All newly established businesses that fall under the categories of small, medium, and large taxpayers are eligible.

Registering a business may involve a series of ministries or institutions. Generally, the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), the General Department of Taxation (GDT), and the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) are the three main relevant ministries/institutions you need to go through to get your business registered. 

To run a business legally, you should first register with MoC before registering for taxation with GDT and announcing the opening of your enterprise with MLVT.

Do I have to hire an accredited agent?

You have the option to register the business yourself or have someone else do it on your behalf. However, if you opt not to handle the registration process yourself for types of companies other than sole proprietorship, it is necessary for the representative to be an accredited agent.

What are the required documents?

The required documents for the registration process vary depending on the type of enterprise and the specific licenses or certificates you are applying for. It is important to consult the relevant authorities list of the required documents for your specific case.

The required documents for the registration process typically include:

  • Land title or lease agreement of the enterprise's location.
  • Current photo taken within the last three months of the director, shareholder if a physical person, or representative if the shareholder is a legal entity with a white background.
  • National identification card of the director, shareholder if a physical person, or representative if the shareholder is a legal entity.
  • Articles of association
  • Reference documents, such as a letter specifying permission to use a similar company name, special licenses, and related documents
  • Authorization letter if someone else is filling out the application on your behalf as a representative

If the shareholder is a legal entity, you may need to submit the parent company's authorization letter, certificate, or articles of association.

Registration Process

Create an account on CamDigiKey

The first step in the registration process is to create an account on CamDigiKey. The CamDigiKey mobile application is used for logging into the business registration portals owned by the Cambodian government that utilize QR-code authentication to connect individuals with Cambodia's digital government services.

To create an account on CamDigiKey, you can download the app from the Apple or Play Store on your mobile phone. 

Log into Single Portal 

Go to on your desktop and click on "Register Business" in the top right corner.

Click on "Get QR Code" and scan the QR code with the CamDigiKey app on your mobile phone. Then, enter your personal 6-digit PIN code that you created on CamDigiKey in the app. 

You will be automatically directed to the registration portal.

Register Your Business 

Click on "Register Business" and select the form of enterprise that best suits your business. 

Fill out the required information and attach the necessary documents in the "Business Registration" section. Then, click on "Next".

Fill out the required information and attach the necessary documents in the "Tax Registration" section. Then, click on "Next".

Proceed to fill out the required information and attach the necessary documents in the "Notice of Enterprise Opening" section. Then, click on "Next".

Review all the information and documents you have provided, and once you are satisfied, click on "Submit".

Pay for all services

The total fee for the registration services will vary depending on the form of your enterprise, the types of services you require, the number of business activities, and your taxpayer classification.

How do I pay? 

You can make the payment online using various methods such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and KHQR. 

Note that if you are using a credit or debit card from a bank other than ABA and ACLEDA Bank, a service charge of 2.3 percent of the total fees will be applied.

To make the payment, fill in your card information and click on "Submit". Once the payment is completed, your registration process will be finalized.

Check status and receive notifications of errors 

To check the status of your registration, log in to the Single Portal and click on "My Company". Then, select the company you want to track the registration status for. 

You will be able to see detailed information about the status of your application.

Do I get a refund if my application is not successful? 

No, unless the failure in registration or specialized license application is caused by the system.

Obtain digital licenses/certificates

How long does it take to obtain licenses/certificates/permits that I apply for? 

The processing time for obtaining licenses/certificates/permits may vary depending on the specific authority. Here are the estimated processing times provided by the Ministry:

  • Ministry of Commerce usually three working days
  • General Department of Taxation usually  four working days
  • Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training usually one working day
  • Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation usually three working days
  • Ministry of Tourism usually seven working days
  • Ministry of Post and Telecommunications usually seven working days
  • Real Estate Business & Pawnshop Regulator usually seven working days

Extra Information

What do I do after I obtain digital licenses/certificates/permits? 

For registration at the Ministry of Commerce, you will need to bring two original copies of your company's Articles of Association to deposit at the Ministry. 

These copies will be stamped. If you require additional stamped documents for purposes such as opening a bank account, please bring more original copies with you. 

For all other licenses/certificates/permits, you can download and print the digital versions for your own use.

Can I obtain original, hard copies of my licenses/certificates/permits? 

The digital copies are legally valid. However, if you still need the hard copies for other purposes, you may contact the ministries/institutions to obtain the original hard copies separately.

How am I notified of the progress of my application review? 

You will be notified of the progress of your application review through email and on the business registration portal.

What does it mean when an application is returned? 

An application is returned when the information and documents provided are incorrect or insufficient. 

The application will be returned to you to request corrections. Resubmitting the returned application does not require you to make another payment. 

Once you resubmit the corrected application, the review period will start again.

What does it mean when an application is rejected? 

If an application is rejected, it means that the case is closed and the application cannot be resubmitted. If you wish to refile your application, you will need to submit a new application and pay the associated fees. 

For further clarification regarding your rejected application, please contact the Ministry/Institution that rejected your application directly via the hotline number 081 888 296.

Services Other Than Business Registration

If you want to reserve your company name, you can easily do so through our portal. Here's how:

Step 1: Log into the portal.

Step 2: Select "Company Name Reservation".

Step 3: Click on "Reserve Name" to fill out the form.

Step 4: Submit the form and your company name will be reserved.

Step 5: If your desired company name is already in use by another company but you have.

Step 6: their permission to use a similar name, you can attach a letter specifying the permission along with your application.

Qualified Investment Project (QIP)

If you want to apply for a qualified investment project (QIP), you can visit and click on "Apply for QIP" in the top right corner. 

This will redirect you to the application form for the QIP.

What is QIP?

A Qualified Investment Project (QIP) refers to an investment project that has obtained a Final Registration Certificate (FRC) from the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC). These projects are eligible to receive both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives from the Cambodian Investment Board (CIB). (link to QIP)

As of May 28, 2023, there were 25,612 registered companies and enterprises through the system. These companies have made a total capital investment of $7.58 billion. 

Additionally, there have been 593 sector-based licenses, permits, and certificates issued through the system by the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, and the Real Estate Business and Pawnshop Regulator of the Non-Bank Financial Services Authority.