Cambodia Given Green Light to Export Longan to China

After long negotiations, China has officially authorised the export of Cambodian longan to the nation, opening up new markets
A longan seller in Phnom Penh, August 11, 2022. Kiripost/Siv Channa
A longan seller in Phnom Penh, August 11, 2022. Kiripost/Siv Channa

Following a prolonged negotiation between Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture and China's General Administration of Customs, Cambodian longan has been given the official go ahead to export to China.

On September 7, the General Administration of Customs China officially authorised the registration of 74 plantations and eight packaging factories to export Cambodian longan to China after more than three years of negotiating phytosanitary standards to enter the market.

The Ministry of Agriculture began negotiations with the GACC in early 2019 to boost Cambodian fresh longan exports to China. On March 16, the protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Cambodian fresh longan exports to China was authorised and signed.

Longan grown for export to China must be registered with the General Department of Agriculture and recognised by the GACC. All registered longan plantations must adhere to the Good Agricultural Practices, with branches of no longer than 15cm in length.

In response to the request to examine phytosanitary criteria for the export of fresh Cambodian longan to China, GACC experts in Guangzhou province inspected the longan plantation via video between July 12 and 15.

Theng Savoeun, President of the Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community, said the move will open up new markets for farmers if longan exports to China go smoothly. However, he has expressed concern about the requirements.

Farmers seeking to export confront a hurdle due to a lack of market information, therefore the information should be well informed, he added.

“In order to promote export, the state should safeguard technological resources and offer proper information to the people about the circumstances and principles that China requires,” he said.

Cambodian longan is the third fresh fruit that can be exported directly to China, alongside bananas and mangoes.

According to a Ministry of Agriculture report, the cultivated area of longan is 12,837 hectares, while the harvested area of longan is 10,565 hectares, yielding roughly 131,498 tons in 2021.