DMC Students Showcase their Film Skills

Year Three DMC students showcased a series of 12 mini-documentaries that portray life in Cambodia as part of their course
The program featured 12 mini-documentaries
The program featured 12 mini-documentaries

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The Department of Media and Communication (DMC) premiered a mini-documentary film project portraying various life stories in Cambodia created by Year Three students. 

The mini-documentary series, which was screened on Saturday, was produced by a group of students as part of their Broadcast Journalism and Video Production course. 

The program featured 12 mini-documentaries, including The Guardian of Rukhavorn, My Future and Ou 17, The Light in Me, The Unbreakable, Music in the Digital Age, A City Cleaner, Bok Lahong with a Touch, Steung Areng's Invisible Withstander, From Misery to Art, The Racing Boat, Ballroom Man, and Hol Pidan. 

Som Ratana, Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, said that the documentary program is significant as it teaches history and connects the past to the present. In addition, he said the documentaries also pay testament to the students’ effort and dedication. 

“It’s hard work that brings you all here together,” he said. “This is the achievement of collaboration. Congratulations to all of you.”

However, he believes that the students will be able to discover individual interests as the project allowed them to explore and experiment with a range of skills when they produced the documentary. 

“After working on this, they can identify their strengths. This is what we want,” he said. “It’s not only about the documentary, but we want you to gain knowledge along the process of making the documentary and explore your passions. I suggest you keep doing that.”

Ung Bun Y, Head of the Department of Media and Communication, said that the 12 mini-documentaries demonstrate the reality of Cambodian society and it forms a necessary element for students to pass the Broadcast Journalism and Video Production course. In addition, the documentary project for 2023 is another outcome of DMC's several achievements. 

"This result will showcase the learning activities at the DMC that often link theory and practice in order to improve the standard of students' academic performance,” he said. “Since they will become experts in the media field who act professionally and responsibly after graduation from the DMC.”

Third year student, Man Fayanin, shared his experience of producing the documentary. He said that the language barrier and the site, which was a distance from Phnom Penh, were the main challenges for his team. He had to go to Oddor Meanchey province to film the documentary, he added. 

“We need to ask our family to go there. Even if our parents believe that we can do it, they are still concerned about us,” he said. “Also, we need to use the Buddhist language to communicate with the monks. So, these were our challenges.”

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