Call to Slash Passport Prices

The Minister of Interior has called on relevant authorities to lower the cost of passports, with economic experts saying it would help stamp out illegal immigration to neighboring countries
Cambodian passport
Cambodian passport

The Minister of Interior has requested that the relevant authorities investigate reducing passport prices, noting that ASEAN countries have lower prices than Cambodia, while experts believe it will help facilitate Cambodian travel, especially for workers.

During Monday’s meeting with the leaders of the Ministry of Interior, Minister of Interior, Sar Sokha, said passports from other ASEAN countries are lower, noting that Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore have low prices, while Cambodia seems high.

“For Cambodia, it seems high. Let the relevant authorities consider this work. We all know that it is not less than $100 to do it [passport] and for fast service is another thing,” he said.

“But, overall, please check on this issue and please raise ideas to make decisions and do whatever gives conformity to people. Please do not let the evolution from one term to another, as the passport price is constantly rising."

Hong Vannak, an economist, thinks that it is a way to help reduce Cambodia people's living standards, especially those who want to work abroad.

“Sometimes I think we should get more benefits from it [passport] because this work is to provide service to our Cambodian people. If we take the high price, it seems we take advantage of our nation,” Vannak said.

“This payment is also difficult for them if the passport is expensive, sometimes they borrow money to get it [passport]. I believe that some Cambodian people, especially workers, don’t do it because it is not necessary to go abroad but they need it.”

He added it would be good if passports are cheap to make it easy for Cambodian workers to travel because it helps the nation’s economy when people work abroad.

Yang Kim Eng, president of People Centre for Development and Peace, said the price of Cambodia’s passports seems high and it does not encourage him to travel. In Cambodia, he sees that GDP seems as low as other countries while passport prices are expensive.

“In my opinion, if we can drop it to around $20 to $30. Please do not let it be expensive, which can affect Cambodians’ livelihoods. Some people want to go abroad but when they pay for passports they are almost out of money,” Kim Eng told Kiripost.

“That is why most people decide to go to neighboring countries illegally because our passports are expensive. If we reduce the price, we also reduce the amount of illegal migration,” he added.

In 2021, passports cost around $100 in Cambodia, Thailand was $34, Vietnam was $9, Singapore $53, Myanmar $18, Indonesia $25, and the Philippines $20.

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