BarCamp DigiTech Heads to Battambang

Battambang is gearing up to host the tech festival in the form of BarCamp DigiTech 2022, which aims to provide the province’s tech businesses with a platform to shine
Barcamp DigiTech
Barcamp DigiTech

International business digital technology program “BarCamp DigiTech 2022” will take place in Battambang with the aim of bringing together tech-related businesses to share ideas.

Northwest New Business Digital Technology Conference and Exhibition “BarCamp DigiTech 2022” will be held on December 12 to 13, from 7am to 5pm at Techo Sen Regional Polytechnic Institute, Battambang.

BarCamp DigiTech Calls for Northwestern SMEs and Students to Adapt to Tech

It aims to promote, share and mobilize enthusiasts by bringing business technology minds together to share new knowledge, and experience new technologies, innovations and modern business ideas. It will also feature product exhibitions and technology applications, which are key in strengthening the competitiveness of the local economy and business.

BarCamp is an event that has taken place around the world since 2005 in more than 450 cities, including England, China, India, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, and Germany. From 2013 to 2019, BarCamp Cambodia has been held mostly in Phnom Penh.

In 2022, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) under the framework of the National Enterprise Competitiveness Program (ICONE), the Academy of Digital Technology of Cambodia (CADT) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), created the “DigiTech 2022” event with BarCamp as the core team in organizing.

The Northwest New Digital Business Technology Conference and Exhibition “BarCamp DigiTech 2022” will give participants the chance to learn from talented and experienced speakers from various institutions.

Most of the topics were hand-picked by the BarCamp committee, and some participants created the topics they wanted to share.

Chy Sophat, lead organizer of the BarCamp, told Kiripost on Friday, “Our purpose this year is to gather to solve [issues] between business owners and experts regarding entering technology combined with distinguished sectors in order to better grow their business. We will also have some skills for students that are able to gain more knowledge about tech related,” he said.

There will be breakout sessions to share knowledge from 47 topics under the themes of technology, marketing strategies, and solutions for better running the business with more than 30 speakers. And there will be technology exhibitions from private technology companies that stand by and help to find technical solutions for business owners and students.

He added, “Besides that we will raise one case study regarding smart cities to take part in those sessions by inviting some speakers to talk about it. Moreover, we will also organize another discussion for a whole day, which allows business owners and experts to meet and discuss with each other.”

The event will be open to the general public, especially entrepreneurs, company representatives, associations and students, to gain more insights into technology and digital skills through presentations by keynote speakers, as well as technology company product exhibitions and business start-ups.

Who will attend BarCamp for Battambang?

SME business owners as the event aims to help them develop their business and take it to the next level with the help of digital systems. Moreover, university students also can join the program. It can help them learn more about personal development and professionalism in the digital age. People who work or love IT can also join to develop more understanding of technology to facilitate their work or skills.

Why should business owners in Battambang attend?

First, they will learn more about how to grow their business using digital. Second, a change from normal business to standard business. Third, to meet experts and succeed in many businesses. Fourth, the opportunity to connect with many professionals and business owners who participated in the program.

What are the highlights for students in Battambang?

Discovering more about the importance of digital technology. Students will be able to share experiences with experts and successful people in the field to develop further understanding. They can also get oriented and choose the right skills. It can help students who have just graduated from 12th grade or are looking for a professional career to get the best counselling and guidance. It may also present job opportunities and study in many fields by meeting business owners and start-ups from Phnom Penh.

What will you get and what will you experience?

Participants will gain knowledge and new ideas, and meet techies, marketers, business people, and internet users doing business. There will also be the chance to connect with other speakers and attendees and the opportunity to meet a team of professional photographers and become a photographer or photography assistant.