Australia Orders 10 Containers of Fragrant Rice

Australia has ordered 10 containers of fragrant rice from Amru Rice off the bat of a study mission to the country in August, with hopes high that more orders are in the pipeline
Amru Rice exports 2 containers of fragrant rice to Australia following study tour. Kiripost via Amru
Amru Rice exports 2 containers of fragrant rice to Australia following study tour. Kiripost via Amru

Ten containers of fragrant rice from Amru Rice have been ordered by Australian customers following the Cambodia Agri-Food study tour, which saw a Cambodian delegation of agriculture stakeholders visit Australia.

According to an announcement by Amru Rice on Wednesday, two containers of fragrant rice out of a total order of 10 have been exported to Australia following the study tour, which was organized and sponsored by the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED).

Lun Yeng, Secretary General of Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), said that the amount of exports have the potential to further increase as, prior to Covid-19, Australia imported up to 29,000 tons annually from Cambodia. “The 10 containers are only 250 tons of rice,” he said.

Yeng added that Cambodia has the capacity to meet Australian consumers’ demands as the nation can produce more than 11 million tons of rice a year. He noted that this is a small order from Australia.

The announcement said that during August’s trip, Amru Rice learned about Australia's advanced agricultural practices and key aspects of the country's agri-food market. It was also able to showcase its organic products and present to buyers and related stakeholders about the potential of Cambodian organic rice.

“With the knowledge, experience, and opportunities gained from the study tour, Amru Rice has input it for fostering our strategy and action plan to prepare for market expansion and increase the efficiency of our sustainable agricultural practices, which is not only to contribute to the prosperity of the country and company, but also for the benefit of the global food system,” it said.

On August 24, Amru Rice and four farming communities with 500 farming households signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purchase of 1,000 tonnes of organic rice. This marked the ninth year of inking a deal to purchase organic rice from a Preah Vihear provincial farming community.

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