Artists Given Platform to Shine

Cambodian Living Arts launches its Cultural Season, giving the nation’s artists a chance to showcase their work and engage with audiences in Phnom Penh and four other provinces.
Theater- The Nature Farmhouse. Picture: Samoeun Nicseybon
Theater- The Nature Farmhouse. Picture: Samoeun Nicseybon

Cambodia Living Arts is organizing a host of events as part of its Cultural Season to showcase the work of local artists and create a digital platform that invites audiences to learn and engage with activities.

This year’s Cultural Season, which runs from January to March in Phnom Penh and four other provinces, includes live and digital performances, readings of new plays and other writing, discussions, and workshops with artists.

So Phina, leader of the program of the Cultural Season organizing team, said the purpose of the event is to continue making art performances that celebrate Cambodia’s creative scene.

“First of all, we want the cultural and art activities to continue in action. Second, we want to give the artists a chance to continue their works by giving them funds, which they will have to compete for,” said Phina

Interactive Theatre Workshop _ What would you do. Picture: Samoeun Nicseybon
Interactive Theatre Workshop _ What would you do. Picture: Samoeun Nicseybon

With the original purpose of sparking engagement between audiences and artists, Phina added that this year’s theme is, ‘Action today, consequences tomorrow.’

“Before we form a theme or topic, we think about what is happening in our society. We tend to see that many small actions that we tend to overlook have consequences on us sooner or later. With this theme in mind, in the performances and workshops, we give questions to the reader to let them think and remind them about their actions and consequences.” said Phina.

Phina added that supporting the artists’ performance helps boost their creativity.

“I want everyone to find out more information about the cultural season so they do not miss the shows and performances which are presented by talented young artists. As we tend to hear from many people, the art performances are boring and the same every time. This event can help the artists to have the chance to increase their work with new creativity.”

Keat Sokim, a Chapei Dang Veng player and director of Friends Music School, is a commission grantee and will host a musical performance with his team in the cultural Season.

Sokim thinks this event is important for artists to be able to showcase their work and have the chance to receive funding. He added that the audience can not only enjoy the shows but can learn from the message of each performance.

“This event is very important because it gives a chance for the artists to increase their creativity and help them showcase their work, which can be funded. The performances are very beneficial to society as they have a deep meaning which highlights what is happening in our society. Therefore, it is not only for the good of the artists but for visitors as well. It can help visitors to reflect and think about what is happening in our society. As I am a Chapei Artist and on behalf of many artists, I would like to urge everyone to join the shows, workshops, and performances during the Cultural Season,” said Sokim.

Mathilde, from France, loves art and theater. She saw the event on Facebook and is urging people to support the artists.

“I love theater in general. Even if I do not understand. I think that just by gestures, the tone of their voice, I think I will be able to understand a lot. I am very curious to see how it goes and I think you can come to support the artists so that they continue doing this more often.”

(See the programme here