App Showcases Cambodia’s Ecotourism Gems

A new app has been launched by the Ministry of Environment that highlights Cambodia’s ecotourism treasures and how to get there as part of a nationwide drive to boost tourism
A new app, Doe leng Sruk Yoeng. Kiripost/Siv Channa
A new app, Doe leng Sruk Yoeng. Kiripost/Siv Channa

A new app, Doe leng Sruk Yoeng, has been launched by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) with the aim of promoting the Kingdom’s ecotourism hotspots, providing up-to-date transport information and tools to share holiday memories.

On Monday, MoE officially launched the app, which is part of the Cambodia Sustainable Landscape and Eco-Tourism project. It was created to support and promote wider ecotourism destinations and provide a convenient platform for tourists to find clear information about ecotourism targets.

In a statement, MoE said that the app can also facilitate travel through key features, such as road maps, travel planning, and sharing information about scenic areas via photographs and short messages.

Minister of Environment, Say Sam Al, said that the app will provide convenience for tourists while contributing to increasing the income of local communities. At the same time, it will highlight the Cambodian people's improved living conditions, allowing them to travel across the country with family members and their friends.

Koy Phearun, founder of Ponejor, works to promote and strengthen local tourism by riding his motorbike to explore new places. He told Kiripost that he was "so happy and excited" when he heard about MoE's plan to develop Doe leng Sruk Yoeng.

He said that the app is beneficial because it has a lot of information to show tourists, especially regarding the Cambodian environment, including forests, mountains, wildlife, and other places they may not previously have visited.

He added that the app will help attract foreign visitors to Cambodia and improve the security of some areas that were previously considered unsafe. This, he said, will lead to more tourism and economic growth for the country.

The app has five main sections: a map, research, protected areas, updates, and profile checking. This allows tourists to easily find the information they need. The app also provides information about protected areas and other areas, and it helps travellers plan their eco-friendly trips by offering suggestions for environmentally-friendly activities and sites.

Doe leng Sruk Yoeng also encourages responsible tourism by educating users about the importance of protecting natural resources and supporting local communities. It promotes conservation efforts and supports businesses that prioritise sustainability, making it an ideal tool for eco-conscious adventurers.

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