AEON Mall 3 Gears Up To Open

AEON Mall 3 will open part of the Japanese distribution firm’s largest shopping mall in Cambodia this month, with a focus on creating an “edutainment” hub for people of all ages
Aeon Mall Mean Chey. Kiripost via Aeon
Aeon Mall Mean Chey. Kiripost via Aeon

AEON Mall 3 will launch a portion of AEON Mall Mean Chey on December 15, standing as its third mall in Cambodia. The grand opening is scheduled for the first half of 2023.

The mall is located along Hun Sen Boulevard, 8km south of Phnom Penh city center in an area that is being developed as a satellite city, boasting excellent access and convenience.

According to the press release, approximately 5,000 employees will serve visitors and the mall will be a hub of entertainment and education for people of all ages, with the concept of an ‘edutainment mall' in new urban development.

Features of AEON Mall Mean Chey include a large outdoor park, entertainment area, and the latest advanced digital signage, proposing a lifestyle of education alongside culture that is nurtured into the future.

The building's grand scale not only serves for shopping but also houses the first outdoor park in a Cambodian shopping mall (Komsan Park), a variety of exciting facilities, and events that combine the latest trends with Cambodian culture.

Komsan Park is a huge outdoor park located on the mall's third floor that doubles up as an edutainment center and is equipped with a 35-meter-long, 2.5-meter-wide glass entertainment space, as well as a kids’ slide connecting the upside of the third floor to the second floor.

This mall will be Japanese distribution firm AEON’s third in Cambodia. AEON 3 is the largest mall in Phnom Penh, spanning 174,000 sqm, with a floor space of 180,000 sqm, a gross leasable area of 98,000 sqm and a three-storey RC building structure. There is also space for approximately 250 stores, and parking for about 3,200 automobiles and 1,850 motorcycles.

By comparison, the first AEON Mall in Tonle Bassac is 68,000 sqm and the second AEON Mall in Sen Sok is measured to be 85,000 sqm.

AEON Mall 3 has received official approval and is estimated to be worth $290 million. It forms part of a more extensive $2 billion investment approved by Cambodia's Council for Development in late 2019. AEON Mall 1 was constructed with $205 million and AEON Mall 2 with approximately $120 million investment.

Chheng Kimlong, vice president and business researcher at the Asian Vision Institute (AVI), said that the factors that contribute to AEON's success in Cambodia are that AEON Mall is the most experimented retail company both nationally and internationally, and this allows AEON to manage a sustainable supply chain retailer unless it does not produce its own product and seeks a connection sustain with the supply chain.

Kimlong remarked, “Cambodia’s investment legislation provides an incentive and open environment for investors to invest and raise population income, local demand-supply, and quality products with assured quality agreement criteria. All of this is what keeps AEON Mall sustainable.”

AEON Mall is home to a vast area to purchase convenience, high tech, and entertainment goods, as well as food and many other categories in a mall where people of all ages can enjoy shopping at a reasonable price that is equivalent to Cambodian income with quality packing, a consistent supply of parking, and multi-service delivery, he added.

He also stated that supermarket supply is insufficient for local demand, so it should open more new malls in other locations. Additionally, people should develop more local needs. As Cambodian people's incomes rise, they have more faith in local goods and services, which ensures security and makes people more supportive of local goods.

“Locals should start thinking about producing products that can serve AEON Mall and other high-demand supermarkets, it’s earning profits in the local production line, and giving jobs and money to the local people, producing products of the mall imported goods from abroad,” Kimlong said.