ACLEDA Partners with Forest Interactive to Offer Digital Payments

Online shopping has been made more accessible thanks to a new partnership between ACLEDA Bank and Forest Initiative Cambodia that is revolutionizing the digital payment landscape.
Artwork promoting ACLEDA-Forest Interactive Partnership
Artwork promoting ACLEDA-Forest Interactive Partnership

One of Cambodia’s leading commercial banks, ACLEDA Bank, has partnered with Forest Interactive Cambodia to diversify the digital voucher offerings that can be paid through ACLEDA’s mobile app.

"I am confident that this joint partnership will open up more opportunities for ACLEDA Bank to support digital payment for Wallet Codes," said Soknang To, Country Manager of Forest Interactive Cambodia.

"Digital vouchers offer users convenience, flexibility, reliability, and security, and we have seen a significant growth in demand over the past few years.”

Artwork promoting ACLEDA-Forest Interactive Partnership
Artwork promoting ACLEDA-Forest Interactive Partnership

Wallet Codes is a one-stop portal for digital products from the world’s popular online entertainment platforms and stores. It launched in Cambodia in November 2020 and its services include premium online streaming, e-commerce sites and e-gaming services.

"At Wallet Codes, a platform developed by Forest Interactive, we are committed to enabling digital for all and are continuously working to revolutionize ways for users to pay conveniently. Through this partnership with ACLEDA Bank Plc., customers can pay for the Wallet Code business via the ACLEDA Mobile with just single taps," added To.

Dr. In Channy, President & Group Managing Director of ACLEDA Bank Plc., said the move forms part of the financial institute’s commitment to continuously develop services for its customers.

"We acknowledge the importance of providing our customers with convenient access to any services and products of the bank, as well as the positive impact diversified partnerships like this one with Forest Interactive Cambodia can bring to our community," he said.

ACLEDA Bank has established the largest network of branches that span every province and town in Cambodia. It has also expanded its operations abroad to include Laos and Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Forest Interactive's Digital Voucher Platform (DVP) has emerged as a comprehensive, one-stop portal for vouchers on digital goods to cater to today's growing smartphone users who prefer buying goods and services online. With DVP, businesses are able to offer customers a wide variety of premium digital content services through simplified and secure payment processes.

Download the latest version of ACLEDA Mobile app today via Play Store, App Store, and Huawei's AppGallery to enjoy exclusive deals from Forest Interactive and ACLEDA Bank.


Founded in 2006, Forest Interactive develops scalable mobile platforms to connect mobile operators, content providers, and game publishers with subscribers. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Forest Interactive has expanded to include a diverse workforce of more than 20 nationalities across 16 regional offices.

Delivering content subscription services, digital voucher and e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps for all ages, Forest Interactive operates in more than 30 countries, servicing more than 90 mobile operators and more than 100 content partners, with the capacity to reach over one billion subscribers worldwide.


ACLEDA Bank Plc. has four subsidiaries: ACLEDA Institute of Business, ACLEDA Securities Plc., ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., and ACLEDA MFI Myanmar Co., Ltd. In addition, it has representative offices in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

By March 2022, ACLEDA Bank Plc. had US$8.16 billion in total assets, US$5.79 billion in total credit balance and US$5.90 billion in total savings deposits, serving more than 3.44 million customers.

Disclaimer: The story is produced by Kiripost in paid partnership with ACLEDA Bank Plc.