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ABA System Crash Leaves Customers Without Access to Cash

ABA customers were left unable to access their account yesterday after an overnight update caused a countrywide meltdown to services
Passengers drive past ABA bank in Kandal province on November 25, 2021. Picture: stringer
Passengers drive past ABA bank in Kandal province on November 25, 2021. Picture: stringer

ABA has posted an official apology on its Facebook page after an upgrade caused the system to crash, leaving customers countrywide unable to access their accounts .

According to the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), Advanced Bank of Asia Limited (ABA) banking system had been disrupted since 3:00 am on November 25. This caused huge inconvenience for customers, who were unable to use ABA’s banking services.

Vong Saravuth, a senior student majoring in International Studies and an ABA bank user, told Kiripost that yesterday ABA’s maintenance impacted his payment performance.

“I carry less cash with me because normally when I’m eating at restaurants I pay by credit card or ABA transfer,” he added.

As a person who prefers to pay by ABA mobile, he makes payment transactions through ABA at least once a day.

“The digital payment is convenient. Firstly, we don’t have to wait for the cash to be returned. It saves time from converting money. Secondly, if you eat with your friends you can transfer the money to one person and they can pay. It’s better than collecting cash one by one.”

Sem Somalida, 21, a junior student majoring in Media Management and an online seller, said the system up-grade had a slight impact on her small business.

“When the system went down every user had the same problem. So, when customers informed me that they cannot transfer money because the system cannot operate, I suggested they wait until the system is back to normal. In case products needed urgent deliver to customers, I suggested they withdraw the cash through ATM and send money by Wing, eMoney, or Truemoney.”

Lida mentioned that as a minor start-up, her business was not heavily effected compared to other big businesses that need to transfer a lot of money, and that is a big challenge.

Eak Sivlyly, a 22-year-old university student majoring in Management, said she did not have any impact from the maintenance of the ABA system. However, she agreed it would if the issues continued for a long period of time.

“Normally I carry both cash and credit card with me. Recently in the digital age, everything has become easy, even in buying and selling. To me, most of the time I do the digital payment.”

In the interview, she told Kiripost that she also has another bank account, but prefers using ABA because it is available in most stores.

ABA Bank did not immediately respond regarding the maintenance problem.

The NBC has remineded all banking and financial institutions to pay attention to the implementation of the notification No. 07.019.575 on the implementation of the guidelines on information technology risk management July 22, 2019. This requires each institution to resolve technical problems within a maximum of 2 hours.

In the case of ABA Bank, the National Bank of Cambodia will find out more about the source of the problem and will take procedural action.

However, the National Bank of Cambodia encourages the public to continue to use digital payment services with a focus on efficiency and convenient.