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500 Underprivileged Kids to Access Digital Math Tool

A total of 500 kids from Cambodian orphanages will get free access to an entertaining digital math tool developed by Israeli startup, Arcadia Math
Students study in a classroom in Cambodia in 2020. Kiripost via UNICEF Cambodia/Antoine Raab
Students study in a classroom in Cambodia in 2020. Kiripost via UNICEF Cambodia/Antoine Raab

Five hundred underprivileged Cambodian kids are being given the chance to expand their education with free access to a fun math digital learning tool provided by the charity of Israel to Cambodia.

Aiming to advance Cambodia’s tech sector, the Cambodia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) has been working closely with the Kingdom’s education sector to further develop the nation’s human potential, CICC said in a LinkedIn post.

The Israeli startup behind the online tool is Arcadia Math, led by co-founder and CEO, Alina Colton, who said it potentially allows millions of kids worldwide to learn math by making the process fun and enjoyable.

Deng Dara, secretary general of CICC, said the program forms part of a charity event for orphans.

“We are organizing a charity event and that tool is included for our participants from orphanages,” Dara told Kiripost.

CICC's first charity event will take place October 8 and it can be accessed via, which gives 500 underprivileged kids in the country free access to its educational platform. The move is evidence of good bilateral ties between the two countries, the LinkedIn post said.

Arcadia Math pushes boundaries in mathematical competence by applying principles from the world of gaming to the world of education, it added.

This gaming tool motivates children to tackle challenging obstacles imaginatively and also excels in engaging children with repetitive practice of skills to the point of mastering them.

“All we needed to do was apply those expertise to learning math”, said the Arcadia Math website.

Arcadia Math is accompanied by leading academic researchers. Together, they are developing their POC to an extensive game teaching the basic arithmetic operations, the website added.

By avoiding mathematical symbols and refraining from any usage of language, a massive blockage of listening disorders and linguistic barriers is removed. This paves the way to an exciting path to success – available for any child, according to the website.